20+ Tunnel Making Tools List: With Images and Uses

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✔ Tunnel engineering is a crucial field that involves complex and challenging tasks throughout its course, but it is also very engaging. Tunnels are built underground using specialized equipment that minimizes disturbance to the surface above. Although tunnel construction is typically challenging, it can save time and provide greater convenience in many cases.

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1. Tunnel Making Tools List  

NamesImages Uses
1. RoadheaderroadheaderUsed for excavating rock in mining and civil construction projects.
2. Drilling JumboDrilling JumboUsed in underground mining.
3. Air Ventilator Air Ventilator Used for providing oxygen inside the tunnel.
4. Crawler HaggloaderCrawler HaggloaderUsed in the excavating of tunnels and materials handling.
5. Wheel LoaderWheel LoaderUsed for lifting almost anything, such as debris, gravel, soil, dirt, pallets, etc.
6. DumperDumperUsed to transport materials to and from a construction site.
7. BreakerBreakerUsed for breaking hard stones, rocks, and hard strata.
8. TelehandlerTelehandlerUsed to carry and place heavy materials.
9. Batching PlantBatching PlantUsed for preparing large quantities of concrete.
10. Transit-MixerTransit-MixerUsed to transport concrete from a concrete batching plant to the site.




















11. Shotcrete MachineShotcrete MachineUsed to line tunnel walls, mines, subways, and automobile tunnels.
12. MAI PumpTunnel Making Tools ListUsed for mixing cement primarily for grouting when drilling MAI anchors.
13. Crawler ExcavatorCrawler ExcavatorUsed for digging trenches, holes, and foundations, as well as for handling materials, moving earth, demolition, dredging, etc.
14. Total StationTotal StationUsed to measure distances, angles, and coordinates for accurate mapping, alignment, and construction control.
15. Crusher PlantCrusher PlantUsed to reduce the size of rocks, stones, and ore.
16. Tunnel Boring Machines ( TBMs)Tunnel Boring MachinesUsed to excavate tunnels.


17. Chain Trencher15+ Tunnel Making Tools List: With Images and UsesUsed to dig trenches using a chain with digging teeth.
18. Wheel TrencherWheel TrencherUses a rotating wheel with digging teeth for trenching.
19. Backhoe ExcavatorBackhoe ExcavatorUsed for digging and trenching.
20. Earth AugerEarth AugerUsed to drill holes in the ground.
21. ShovelshovelHelpful in moving loose material.


22. Pickaxe Pickaxe Used for breaking up hard soil or rock.
23. Ditch WitchDitch WitchUsed for digging narrow trenches.
24. Suction ExcavatorSuction ExcavatorUses suction to remove loose soil or debris without damaging underground utilities.
25. Safety Barriers and ConesSafety Barriers and ConesUsed to mark the boundaries of the excavation site and enhance safety.
26. Demolition HammerDemolition HammerBreaks up concrete and hard surfaces during excavation.
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