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18 Concreting Tool List: With Images and Uses

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In this article, we will discuss concreting tool list.

For preparing the concrete you need well-skilled manpower and tools that helps the worker to work fast and increases the workability.

These include mixers, gloves, wheelbarrows, work boots, safety glasses, shovels, digging bars, screeds, vibrators, tape measures, vapor retarders, saws, floats, groove cutters, and pails and buckets.

If you want to go with ready mix concrete, this post is for you R.M.C.


  1. Concreting Tool List  

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Names Images Uses
1. TrowelTrowelUsed to smooth concrete surfaces.
2. Spackle KnifeSpackle KnifeUsed for scraping surfaces or spreading material such as plaster or concrete in various construction trades.
3. Spirit LevelSpirit levelUsed to indicate how parallel (level) or perpendicular (plumb) a surface is relative to the earth.
4. Straight edgeStraight edgeUsed for making the concrete surfaces smooth and uniform.
5. FloatFloatUsed for making the concrete surface smooth and flat.
6. Plumb bobplumb bobUsed to establish a vertical reference (called a plumb line).
7. Floating RuleFloating RuleUsed to check the level of the concrete surface between the successive layers ( E.g. In rigid pavement).
8. Paddle MixerPaddle Mixer Used for ideal for quick and convenient mixing of materials.
9. HammerHammerUsed in breaking concrete ( mainly while providing construction joints ).


10. Tube LevelTube LevelUsed to transfer a vertical level across a distance.
11. ThreadThreadUsed for maintaining the level of the concrete.
12. BucketBucketUsed to transport/carry concrete. 
13. ShovelShovelUsed to mix the cement, sand, aggregate, and water.
14. WorkbootsWorkbootsUsed for protection of feet.
15. Safety GlassesSAFETY GLASSES Used as a shield to protect the eyes from any type of foreign debris that may cause irritation or injury.
16. Digging BarsDIGGING BARUsed for breaking up clay, concrete, frozen ground, and other hard materials, moving or breaking up tree roots and obstacles, and making holes in the ground for fence posts.
17. VibratorsVibratorsUsed to eliminate air pockets that can remain when pouring concrete that can ruin the integrity of the concrete.
18. Vapour RetardersVapour RetardersUsed to accomplish water vapor diffusion and air movement control with one material.

These are 18 construction tools list used in concreting work.


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Er. Madhu Krishna Poudel ( Founder )
Er. Madhu Krishna Poudel ( Founder )
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