Parapet Wall

A parapet wall is a dwarf or low wall that is constructed along the edge of the terrace, roof, balcony, walkway, passage etc. In another word, the vertical extension of … Read More

Earth Road

The type of low-cost road in which pavement structure is constructed with the soil available at the site is called earth road. It is also known as the earthen road. … Read More

Damp Proof Course (DPC)

A damp proof course is commonly abbreviated as the DPC. It is a barrier or obstruction that is primarily designed to prevent the moisture rising by the capillary action. The … Read More

Components of Paint

Paint can be defined as the pigmented liquid with a liquefiable nature that substrates into a thin layer and converts to a solid film upon application. The primary objective of … Read More

Settlement in Foundation

Settlement in foundation may be understood as the distortion of the foundation (i.e. the total vertical displacement at the foundation level). The primary cause of the settlement is the reduction … Read More

Types of Sand

Sand can be defined as the mixture of small fine grains of granular materials and rock. It is also commonly defined by size i.e. it is finer than gravel and … Read More

Properties of Aggregates

Aggregate is a collective term for the mineral materials such as gravel, sand and crushed stone, which are used along with binding materials such as bitumen, cement, lime, etc to … Read More

What is Shoring?

What is Shoring? Shoring is a temporary structure constructed to provide support to an unsafe structure. It provides lateral support to any unsafe structure. The props that are used to … Read More

Slope Failure

The slopes can be classified into two types namely, the infinite slopes and the finite slopes. An infinite slope is the type of slope that is very large in extent … Read More

What is Hip Roof ?

The roof is an important component of any building structure that essentially forms the topmost covering of the structure. The roof is the structural component that protects the entire structure … Read More