Concrete Saw Blades: Types, Methods of Sawing & Tips of Concrete Sawing

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Concrete saw blades are tools that are used in cutting machines to cut concrete, brick, asphalt, and other hard material with ease.

The most famous sizes of concrete saw blades are 14″, 20″, and 24″ which are commonly used in our daily life.





  1. Types of Concrete Saw Blades  

The types of blades employed for concrete saws rely upon the work it is being employed for.

There are two types of blades that are majorly employed in the field that are as follows:

a. Corundum Masonry Blade

b. Diamond Blade


a. Corundum Masonry Blade

Corundum masonry blades are only used when short and shallow cutting is required.

Concrete is a hard material to trim and that is why masonry blades do not survive too long.

They wear off or damage rather fastly.

Corundum Masonry Blade


b. Diamond Blades

Diamond blades can be employed for both methods of wet and dry sawing.

Diamond blades contain a metal and diamond composite on their edges.

They trim the concrete with more significant efficiency.

They are employed to slice deeper and longer.

They have saw-toothed edges that maintain the blade cool during operation when employed for dry cutting. However, they make a lot of dust.

When operating diamond blades for wet cutting, the blade has smooth edges.

They are maintained cool with the use of water.

They deliver the fastest, cleanest cuts.


Diamond Blades





  2. Methods of Concrete Cutting  

There are two different methods of sawing, which are as follows:

a. Dry Sawing

b. Wet Sawing


a. Dry Sawing

This method of sawing is excellently served for outdoor projects as it makes a lot of dust on the sawing site. The blade of the saw can be kept cool in the lack of water if it is created up of diamond.

A diamond blade can contribute to decreasing dust build-up. In order to control the blade from heating, this method applies causing brisk cuts that are relatively short that are slowly prepared deeper.

Dry Sawing


b. Wet Sawing

Wet sawing is an environmentally friendly sawing method that is also more considerate of people’s health. Due to the existence of moisture, less dust is created.

The water in the wet sawing method holds the blade lubricated and cool. Because of this, the lifespan of the blade is significantly improved.


Wet Sawing





  3. Concrete Sawing Tips  

Concrete saws can slice through the concrete which indicates that they can slice through bones and flesh as well. If mismanaged, concrete saws can outcome in severe damage.

a. Before and during service, inspect the fluid levels in a saw. While operating a gas-powered concrete saw, combine the fuel with the oil that the manufactory has suggested.

b. Before and during service, assure that the guide bar and chain are oiled correctly.

c. Before and during service, inspect the tension in the chainsaw type of concrete saw. Ensure that the chain is not too close or too loose. Change the tension according to the suggestions of the plant whenever required.

d. Relying upon the type of target surface, select the right blade.

e. Ensure that the blades that you are employing are not harmed.

f. Ensure that you use a concrete saw in the existence of a guard.

g. Before beginning the concrete saw, maintain it firmly on a leveled surface.

h. While working, maintain the concrete saw firmly.

i. Let the concrete saw accomplish the work for you. Do not exercise any extreme pressure while using it.

j. When you are employing the wet sawing method, make sure that you are employing the correct portion of water to contain any liquid slurry from forming.

k. If there are any witnesses on the site, maintain them at a secure length from the concrete saw.

l. If you are operating an electric concrete saw, attach it to grounded outlets only

Concrete saws are excessively significant in the construction industry. Concrete cutting is something that is an unavoidable part of any construction. Hence, understanding concrete saws simply is required to assuring correct and safe usage.



This was for the Concrete Saw Blades.




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