Suspension Bridge

~ Suspension bridge can be defined as the type of bridge in which the load-bearing part of the bridge(deck) is hung below the suspension cables on the vertical suspenders. ~ … Read More

Girder Bridge

The bridge in which girders are used for supporting its deck is called girder bridge. Such girders can be either the rolled steel girder or the box girder. The girder … Read More

Arch Bridge

Arch Bridge is the bridge in which the horizontal thrust developed is restrained by the abutments provided at each end of the bridge. As the name itself implies, it is … Read More

Road Pattern

When the road is constructed in patterns like rectangular, radial, hexagonal, etc for the proper management of traffic and also to interconnect the branch roads then it is called road … Read More

Water Treatment Process

Water from any source may contain various suspended, colloidal and dissolved impurities which may be harmful or useful for drinking purpose. The process of removal of undesirable matters and pathogens … Read More

Emulsion Paint

The emulsion paint is a mixture of two liquids that do not blend well with each other i.e. the mixture of two different non-blending liquids. In the emulsion paint, 50 … Read More

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint can be defined as the oil-based paint that is used when a highly glossy finish is required. It consists of the white lead, zinc white, resins and other … Read More

Distemper Paint

Distemper paint is basically a water-based paint that consists of a mixture of water, chalk and pigments. It is used as the early form of whitewash but in actual it … Read More

Aluminium Paint

The aluminium paint is mostly used as a coating material essentially comprising of a mixture of oil varnish and pigment of aluminium in the form of thin flakes. In a … Read More

Rainwater Harvesting

Conservation of water that we get from rain has become a necessity both in village and town. The process of collection of water from the rain is called rainwater harvesting. We … Read More

Load Bearing Wall

A load bearing wall is also referred to as the bearing wall. It can be defined as the structural component that resists the weight of all the structural elements resting … Read More