Soil Classification Systems

Soil classification can be understood as the process of grouping the soil into various categories on certain basis or characteristics. The primary objective of soil classification is to divide the … Read More

Bill of Quantities

In common practice, the bill of quantities is referred to as the BOQ or BQ. Bill of quantities may be defined as the document that is prepared in the construction … Read More

Rainfall Measurement

Rain is an essential component of the water cycle and is an inevitable source of freshwater on the Earth. In simple terms, rain can be defined as the precipitation in … Read More

Hydrology in Civil Engineering

Engineering hydrology may be understood as the branch of engineering that deals with the study of water resources. It is also commonly referred to as water resources engineering.  Precisely, engineering … Read More

Septic Tank

A septic tank may be understood as an underground chamber through which the wastewater or the sewage is passed for preliminary treatment. In other words, it may be defined as … Read More

Contour Lines & Contouring

Contouring is an important aspect of surveying which basically involves the determination of the elevation of various points on the ground followed by fixing the points of same horizontal positions … Read More

Traversing in Surveying

Traversing is basically a type of surveying that is used to establish a network of control points. Traversing is the type of surveying connecting a number of survey lines that … Read More

Construction Site Safety

Construction industry is an emerging industry that has a significant contribution to both the economic and social development of a country. Construction works are generally risky and pose a significant … Read More

Construction Scheduling

Scheduling is an essential phase of any construction project and is inevitable for the successful completion of the project within the planned time and budget. Generally, scheduling can be defined … Read More

Construction Planning

Construction Planning is the initial phase of any construction project and is vital for the progress as well as for the successful completion of the project. In simple terms, planning … Read More

4R Principle

4R Principle is the widely used principle in solid waste management 4R principle (four basic mantras) i.e. reduce, recycle, reuse & recover. In the modern world, we depend much on … Read More

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