How To Repair Paint Flaking?

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In this article, we will discuss how to repair paint flaking.

Paint can be defined as a pigmented liquid with a liquefiable nature that substrates into a thin layer and converts to a solid film upon application.

The primary objective of paint is to protect, impart color and provide texture to the surface where it is applied.

The defect in which paint detaches from the applied surface is the flaking defect.

In general, flaking may be understood as the phenomenon in which the paint coat does not stick properly on the surface.

The main reason behind the flaking of paint is the lack of adequate bonding between the surface and the film of paint.


How To Repair Paint Flaking



  1. How To Repair Paint Flaking?  

The flaking of paint can be repaired by following the below-mentioned actions:

✔ Firstly, the flaked surface must be examined and thoroughly

✔ The surface is rubbed and cleaned using sandpaper.

✔ Then, the surface is treated with a prime coat.

✔ Finally, the surface coat is applied.


This was the process/steps to repair the defect of flaking from the surface.



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