Different Drafting Materials and Tools

What are the Different Drafting Materials and Tools | Function and Uses of Drafting Materials and Tools

In this article, we will discuss different drafting materials and tools.


  1. Introduction  

There are various different materials and tools needed for drafting. It is necessary to use these materials and tools to make an excellent drawing of any structure. These materials are generally utilized by an architect.


  2. Different Drafting Materials and Tools  

Here is the list of different drafting materials and tools:

1. Drawing Paper

2. Drawing Table

3. Compass sets and divider

4. Masking Tape

5. Pencil Sharpner

6. Eraser

7. Drawing Pencil

8. Triangular scales

9. T- Square

10. Protector

11. Drafter

12. Ruler

13. Erasing Shield

14. Divider




  1. Drawing Paper  

a. This type does not groove easily when pressure is applied to the pencil.

b. Oslo paper is commonly used but the bond paper is also recommended.

Oslo paper is a white thick paper commonly used by architects to draw different structures.
Width: 30.48 cm
Height: 0.2 cm
Length: 22.86 cm

  2. Masking Tape  

This is used for speeding the drawing paper on the drawing table or drawing board because it doesn’t damage the board and it will also damage the paper until you pull it off carefully.


  3. Pencil Sharpner  

The pencil should be sharpened when the pencil starts to draw a dull or thick line which is not supposed to be. There are various types of sharpeners available in the market.


  4. Eraser  

An eraser is used to clean the unwanted drawings or dirt off the drawings. a soft eraser is used in removing smudges and pencil marks, whereas, a harder eraser is used for making changes and correcting errors in the drawing.


  5. Drawing Pencil  

These are the most important tools in drawing. It comes in different grades. The grade of a pencil to be used depends on the quality of paper to be used.


Hard Pencils – are used where extreme accuracy is required especially working on graphs, diagrams and charts.

Medium Pencils – are used for general purpose work in drawing.

Soft Pencils – are too soft to be used in mechanical drafting. They are very useful for the artwork of various kinds.


  6. Triangular Scales  

A tool generally used when reproducing a drawing in an enlarged or reduced for to some regular proportion.  Its main function is to reproduce the measurements of an object in full size, reduced size, and enlarged size.


  7. Erasing Shield  

This is prepared of thin metal with irregular holes. It is useful to save the rest of the drawing when removing smudges, needless pencil lines, and other dust.


  8. T-square  

T-square is a drawing instrument used when making horizontal lines. It is also used for guiding triangles when drawing vertical lines and be drawn perpendicular lines with the help of a set square.

It is made up of wood, plastic, or a combination of both.

Different Drafting Materials and Tools


Fixed Head– The head is fastened to the blade. It is utilized for ordinary work.

Movable Head/ Adjustable Head– It has no fixed blade has a movable head and is utilized for occasional drawings only.

Detachable Head /Removable Head– The blade and head can be separated out it makes comfortable to carry it.


  9. Triangles Scales  

It is a three-sided ruler, which contains two equal sides intersecting at a 90-degree angle and to a third side at 45, 30, including 60-degree angles.

Commonly used triangles are:

a. 30 degrees X 60 degrees

b. 45 degrees X 45 degrees


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  10. Compass  

Compass is a drawing instrument that is utilized when drawing arcs and circles. It is utilized in the same way as a divider. It is made of one with the pen leg and the needlepoint leg being held together with a handle.


  11. Divider  

It is utilized when moving measurements, dividing lines, and arcs into the given number of equal parts. It can easily move accurate measurements by adjusting the divider points.


  12. Protractor  

A semi-circular instrument is divided into 180 equal parts, each of which is called a degree. It is utilized to calculate gradations of the degrees when measuring arcs, angles, and circles.


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  13. Drafter  

Drafters are used to preparing technical drawings and plans. Drafters utilize software to change the designs of architects and engineers into technical drawings.

Many workers are experts in architectural, civil, electrical, or mechanical drafting and utilize technical drawings to design everything from microchips to skyscrapers.


  14. Drawing Table  

The drawing table is made of wood and has smooth surfaces where drawing paper is placed and fixed with the help of tape.


DesignationLength x Width (mm)Recommended for use with sheet sizes 
D01500 x 1000  A0
D1 1000 x 700 A1
D2 700 x 500 A2
D3500 x 500A3