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✓ Storms in Portland don’t occur as often as in other places; however, once they do, your home’s roof is your first defense against the outside elements. If your roof isn’t prepared due to a lack of maintenance, is old, or simply the storm was so powerful that it damaged it, you need to search for Portland roof repair services immediately.

✓ Any damage on your roof can lead to further damage if you don’t repair it fast, which means more expensive costs. This is why fixing it as soon as you can is the best way to save costs. Here is what you should do when your roof suffers storm damage.



  Portland Roof Repair  


  A. Minimize the Damage if Possible  

✓ If your roof is damaged during a storm, you should try to minimize the damage if possible. Check for roof leaks around your home; if any are present, contain them immediately.

You should use some buckets to contain the water and move objects away from the leakage or cover them.

✓ Water can also damage your floor, depending on your floor type, so cover it as well. Make sure to empty the buckets regularly when they are filled and check for other leaks. If you observe bulges in your ceiling, you should place a bucket underneath them and move objects away.

Then, use a screwdriver to poke the bulge to release the water accumulated there. If you don’t do this, you risk having the bulge explode on its own, creating an even bigger mess.



  B. Check Out Your Roof  

✓ Once the storm is gone, you should inspect your roof and assess the damage. See if any shingles are missing on the roof or if any areas are more affected than others.

✓ You can use your phone if you have a good enough camera or some binoculars to observe the damage. Document any irregularities with your roof.



  C. Gather Evidence  

✓ If the damages you have suffered are covered by your home insurance, then you will need to gather evidence. Take photos of the water leaks and the objects that were damaged due to the water leak.

✓ Once the storm is over, go outside and inspect your roof and take photos of the damaged roof as well. Document everything as best you can before making your claim, and ensure the photos are clear and from different angles.



  d. Look for a Roofing Contractor  

✓ In many instances, after a storm that can be considered a natural disaster, there will be all sorts of roofing contractors out there eager to offer their services. Yet, you shouldn’t collaborate with a contractor on a whim.

✓ Check out their certifications, reviews, and testimonials. If they are GAF-certified experts, then it’s a clear sign that they will deliver. A roofing contractor will help you repair your roof and prevent further damage.

✓ Roof storm damage isn’t always easy to assess, but with a professional on your side, you can take care of any problem. Don’t underestimate the storm damage done to your roof. The next storm will hit even harder if you don’t repair it.

✓ Apart from this, even if your roof doesn’t face another heavy storm, the damage incurred by the first one will gradually expand over time, leading you to some hefty costs later. Acting now and repairing it as soon as possible is better.

This way, you get to save money in the long run and ensure the safety of your home. If you aren’t sure if your roofing contractor is GAF-certified, use this link to check them out beforehand.


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