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100+ Construction Tools List | With Images & Uses


In this article, we will show you the 106 construction tools list used at the construction site with images.


  1. Introduction  

The tools that are used in the construction of the structures are known as construction tools. These tools help to make work easy and fast. Construction tools are different for different fields of construction.


  2. Construction Tools List  

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1. HammerHammerUsed in general carpentry, framing, nail pulling, etc.
2. ChiselChiselUsed in woodwork and this must be useful to remove the concrete bumps or excess concrete on the surface of the formwork.
3. Plumb BobPlumb BobUsed to check the verticality.
4. Pick AxePick AxeUsed to excavate the soil.
5. Measuring TapeMeasuring TapeUsed to measure the thickness, length, widths of masonry walls, etc.
6. Line and PinsLine and PinsUtilized to level the alignment of the brick course while laying brick.
7. LadderLadderUsed to climb on the roofs or higher places.
8. HoeHoeUsed to dig the soil.
9. ShovelShovelUsed to dig and move soil.
10. FloatFloatUsed to make the concrete surfaces smooth during construction.
11. GlovesGlovesUsed to protect fingers from dust and chemicals.
12. Measuring BoxMeasuring BoxUsed to measure the amount of sand and aggregate utilized for making concrete.
13. Measuring wheelMeasuring wheelUsed to measure distances or lengths.
14. PolisherPolisherUtilized to smoothen/polish the surface of tiles, woodworks, etc.
15. Putty Knife100+ Construction Tools List | With Images & UsesUsed to apply putty on the surfaces to the desired thickness.
16. Rubber BootsRubber BootsUsed to protect legs from direct contact with dust and chemicals.
17. Earth RammerEarth RammerUsed for leveling/compacting Surface.
18. Mason’s SquareMason's SquareUsed to gain a perfect right angle at the corner of the masonry wall.
19. ScratchersScratchersUsed for creating designs or textures on the surfaces.
20. Sledge HammerSledge HammerUsed when the ground is hard and contains rock layers.
21. TrowelTrowelUsed for plastering and to smooth concrete surface.
22. Spirit LevelSpirit LevelUsed to check the level of the ground, walls, etc.
23. Straight Edge BrushStraight Edge BrushesUsed to paint the plastered surface.
24. VibratorVibratorUsed to compact the concrete.
25. WedgeWedgeUsed to cut the rock surfaces with the help of a sledge hammer.
26. Wheel BarrowWheel Barrow Used to transport materials like cement, sand, concrete mix, etc.
27. Tile CutterTile CutterUsed to cut tile.
28. Sand Screen MachineSand Screen MachineUsed to screen the sand or fine aggregate before mixing it with concrete.
29. Safety GlassesSafety GlassesTo protect the eyes from dust, chemicals,  etc.
30. Safety HelmetSafety HelmetUsed to protect the head from injury or any fatal accident.
31. RammerRammerUsed for compressing or compacting the soil.
32. Jack Plane100+ Construction Tools List | With Images & UsesUsed in the woodwork to smoothen the surface of the wood.
33. Plumb RulePlumb RuleUsed to measure the vertical line of the wall whether it is perfectly vertical or not.
34. Head PanHead PanCommonly used in construction sites to carry materials.
35. Hand SawHand SawUtilized to cut the wooden materials.
36. End FramesEnd FramesIt supports the brickwork by leveling the alignment accurately.
37. Digging BarDigging BarUsed to dig the soil surfaces.
38. Drill MachineDrill Machine Used to make holes in the walls, slabs, doors, window frames, etc.
39. Concrete MixerConcrete MixerUsed to mix the ingredients for concrete preparation.
40. CrowbarCrowbarUsed for removing nails or to force apart two objects.
41. Circular SawCircular Saw Used to cut the wood boards, frames, etc.
42. Chain Lewis and Pin LewisChain Lewis and Pin LewisUsed to lift heavy stones
43. Boning RodsBoning Rods Used to level the dug trench throughout its length.
44. Bump CutterBump CutterUsed to level and smoothen the concrete surfaces.
45. Bull DozerBull Dozerused for shallow digging and ditching.
46. ExcavatorExcavatorUsed for Digging trenches and material handling.
47. BackhoeBackhoe Used for a wide variety of work such as transporting materials, excavation, etc.
48. GradersGradersUsed in the construction and maintenance of dirt roads.
49. LoadersLoaders Used for loading materials into trucks, laying pipes, etc.
50. Cordless DrillCordless DrillUsed to make pilot holes.
51. Vacuum BlowerVacuum BlowerUsed to clean the dust from the surfaces.
52. Flat Pry BarFlat Pry BarUsed for prying, scraping, and pulling.
53. Binding HookBinding HookUsed for binding the steel on joints or junctions.
54. Core Cutter MachineCore Cutter Machine Used to cut/drill cores of various diameters of concrete or bituminous pavement.
55. Dewatering PumpDewatering PumpUsed for the removal of groundwater, or surface water, to lower the water table.
56. Drilling MachineDriling MachineUsed to drill woods and metals.
57. DumpersDumpersUsed to transport materials to and from the construction site.
58. ForkliftForklift Used for loading and unloading materials from trucks and also for carrying goods.
59. Framing SquareFraming Square Used for laying out and marking patterns in framing, roofing, etc.
60. Vibrating TableVibrating Table Used to aid the compaction of materials in containers, boxes, and bulk bags
61. Surface VibratorSurface VibratorUsed for compacting small slabs or horizontal surfaces.
62. Shutter VibratorShutter VibratorUsed to consolidate the freshly poured foundation as well as the compact surface of precast concrete.
63. Needle Vibrator

Needle VibratorIt is used for the proper compaction of concrete.
64. Safety BeltSafety BeltUsed to protect workers from falling while working at heights.
65. Tower CraneTower CraneUsed for moving heavy goods, materials, or tools around a site
66. Trenchers CutterTrenchers Cutter Used to dig trenches.
67. Rebound HammerRebound HammerUsed to measure the hardness of concrete using the rebound principle.
68. Road RollerRoad RollerUsed to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations.
69. Road Header MachineRoad Header MachineUsed to excavate roadways, tunnels, and compartments continuously without using volatile.
70. Water Level Water LevelUsed to determine the level spot of bricks during laying.
71. ScoopScoopUsed to collect cement, soil, etc.
72. Hydra CraneHydra CraneUsed for loading, unloading, and transporting materials.
73. HoistHoistUsed for lifting or lowering a load utilizing a drum or by a chain.
74. Flat Pry BarFlat Pry BarUsed for prying, scraping, and pulling.
75. Jack PlaneJack PlaneUsed for dressing timber.
76. Torpedo LevelTorpedo LevelUsed to determine the surface level.
77. Framing HammerFraming HammerUsed for heavy carpentry work.
78. Pile DriverPile DriverUsed to drive piles into the soil to provide foundation support for buildings.
79. Wrecking Ball CraneWrecking Ball CraneUsed to demolishing large buildings.
80. PaversPaversUsed to pave the road.
81. CompactorsCompactorUsed to compact the flexible pavements during construction.
82. Feller BunchersFeller BunchersUsed in logging.
83. Adjustable WrenchAdjustable WrenchUsed to support or turn pipes or circular bars or nuts.
84. ScrewdriversScrewdriversUsed for driving screws
85. PliersPliersUsed to open or tight nuts.
86. Sod rollerSod rollerUsed to compact the ground.
87. WirecutterWirecutterUsed to cut wires.
88. SpannerspannerUsed to tight screws, nuts, etc.
89. SpokeshaveSpokeshaveUsed to provide the shape and smooth woods in woodworking.
90. ClampClampUsed for carpentry, woodworking, furniture making, welding, construction, and metalworking.
91. FileFileUsed to remove/smooth rough and sharp edges from cut metal
92. Concrete BroomConcrete BroomsUsed to create a slip-resistant texture on the surface of the concrete.
93. Brick TongsBrick TongsUsed to carry several bricks at a time.
94. Soil ProbesSoil ProbesUsed to check the soil condition/information.
95. TheodoliteTheodoliteUsed to measure horizontal and vertical angles.
96. Total stationTotal stationUsed for measuring horizontal angles, vertical angles, and distance.
97. LevellingLevellingUsed to measure the height of one level relative to another.
98. StaffStaffHelps in collecting reading during the theodolite or level process.
99. PegsStaffTo mark stations.
100. CompassCompassTo know the direction.
101. Concrete FloatConcrete Bull FloatUsed to finish concrete surface.
102. ChainChainUsed to drag heavy equipment.
103. Mortar Tubs and StandsMortar Tubs and StandsUsed for mixing, dumping, and transporting construction material
104. Utility KnifeUtility KnifeUsed to cut ropes, cardboards, etc.
105. ArrowsArrows in SurveyingUsed to mark the boundaries and points.
106. BroomBroomUsed to clean concrete surface and plastered surface.


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