What are Traffic Delineator Posts? : Importances & 5+ Types of Delineator Post

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In general, “Delineator Post” refers to any device or treatment that aims to outline the road. These devices provide drivers with visual clues about the direction of the road. Numerous studies have demonstrated that they can provide significant safety advantages.

Delineating devices will not make our roads completely safe but can reduce accidents by as much as 60 percent.


Importance of Traffic Delineator Posts

The delineators are always helpful, but they are essential at bends. Road accident records have shown that more accidents happen on bends than straight sections.

A good delineator of a road has the following purposes:

a. It shows the safe limits of the road.

b. It helps drivers to control approach speed on bends.

c. It improves lane discipline.

d. It aids in identifying potentially hazardous situations, such as sharp bends and obstacles.

e. It helps to prevent the crumbling of road edges and deterioration of shoulders.


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Types of Delineating Devices

The following are types of delineating devices:


a. Centre and edge lines

Delineator Post : Importances & 5+ Types of Delineator Post


b. Post delineators

Post delineators


c. Confidence blocks

Confidence blocks


d. Earth-filled drums

Earth-filled drums road delinators


e. Chevron signs

Chevron signs road delineators


f. Reflective Studs

Traffic Delineator Posts : Importances & 5+ Types of Delineator Post


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