Road Safety Barriers: Where to Use?

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Road safety barriers are devices that physically prevent vehicles from running off the roadway and redirect them along the direction of traffic movement.

This is mainly installed on hill road.

Road Safety Barriers

“Three situations that may require a safety barrier are as follows:”

a. To protect vehicles from falling down a slope.

b. To protect vehicles from hitting a roadside object.

c. To prevent out-of-control vehicles from crossing over the central median.


Importance of Road Safety Barriers 

Loss of control of a vehicle may be due to several reasons, some of which are hard to be rectified.

Safety barriers can significantly reduce the severity of accidents. Installing it improves delineation and minimizes the frequency of accidents.

Therefore, apart from introducing other safety measures and improving the road geometry, it is often desirable to install safety barriers along stretches where the chances of losing control of vehicles are higher.


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