20+ Tools Used for Stone Dressing: With Images and Uses

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✔ This article discusses the 20+ tools used for stone dressing with appropriate images and uses. Stone dressing is making stones extracted from quarries uniform and smooth.

✔ The stones mined from quarries are rough, so they need to be well-dressed to use as a construction material. The stones of uneven shape and size are dressed well in this process to improve the structure’s aesthetic where they are used.



20+ Tools Used for Stone Dressing  

The following tools are used for dressed stones:

1. Spall HammerSpall HammerUsed for the rough dressing of stones.
2. Scrabbling HammerScrabbling HammerUsed for removing irregular bushings from the surface of the stones.
3. Mash HammerMash HammerUsed for the rough dressing of stones.
4. Wallers HammerWallers HammerUsed for removing spalls.
5. Club HammersClub HammersUsed to strike narrow-headed chisels.
6. MalletMalletUsed to strike mallet-headed chisels.
7. DummyDummyUsed for striking chisels for carving work.
8. GadGadUsed to split stones.
9. DragDragUsed to give drag finish.
10. Hand SawHand SawIt is used to cut soft stones.
11. Cross-cut sawCross-cut sawUsed to cut hard stone.
12. Frame sawFrame sawUsed to cut large blocks of stone.
13. Pitching toolPitching toolUsed to remove the irregularities from the stone surface.
14. Squaresquare toolUsed to set edges at right angles.
15. BoasterBoasterUsed to cut soft stones.
16. PunchPunchUsed for rough dressing.
17. PointPoint toolUsed for rough dressing for hard stone.
18. GougeGougeUsed to dress stones for cornices, string courses, etc.
19. Broad Tool (nicker)Broad ToolUsed to form chisel lines on the stone surface.
20. Wood-handled chiselWood handled chiselUsed to dress soft stones.
21. Claw chiselClaw chiselUsed to dress hard stones.
22. Tooth chiselTooth chiselUsed to dress hard stones.
23. Drafting chiselDrafting chiselUsed for the fine dressing of stone.


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