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20+ Tools Used for Stone Dressing | With Images and Uses

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In this article, we will discuss tools used for stone dressing.


  1. Introduction  

Stone dressing is the process of making stone smooth carried from quarries. The stone mined are rough in nature so it needs to be well dressed to use as a construction material. The stone of uneven shape and size are dressed well in this process.


  2. Tools Used for Stone Dressing  

The following tools are used for dressed stones:

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Name Image Use
1. Spall Hammer Spall Hammer Used for the rough dressing of stones.
2. Scrabbling Hammer Scrabbling Hammer Used for removing irregular bushings.
3. Mash Hammer Mash Hammer Used for the rough dressing of stones.
4. Wallers Hammer Wallers Hammer Used for removing spalls.
5. Club Hammers Club Hammers Used to strike narrow-headed chisels.
6. Mallet Mallet Used to strike mallet-headed chisels.
7. Dummy Dummy Used for striking chisels for carving work.
8. Gad Gad Used to split stones.
9. Drag Drag Used to give drag finish.
10. Hand Saw Hand Saw Uses to cut soft stone.
11. Cross-cut saw Cross-cut saw Used to cut hard stone.
12. Frame saw Frame saw Used to cut large blocks of stone.
13. Pitching tool Pitching tool Used to make a stone of required size.
14. Square square tool Used to set edges at right angles.
15. Boaster Boaster Used to cut soft stones.
16. Punch Punch Used for rough dressing.
17. Point Point tool Used for rough dressing for hard stone.
18. Gouge Gouge Used to dress stones for cornices, string courses, etc.
19. Broad Tool (nicker) Broad Tool Used to form chisel lines on the stone surface.
20. Wood handled chisel Wood handled chisel Used to dress soft stones.
21. Claw chisel Claw chisel Used to dress hard stones.
22.Tooth chisel Tooth chisel Used to dress hard stones.
23. Drafting chisel Drafting chisel Used for the fine dressing of stone.



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