13 Essential Road Construction Safety Tips

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One small mistake is enough to occur an accident causing loss of lives or properties. So, to be safe while working on construction sites, it is very necessary to adopt all the preventive measures that can avoid accidents on construction sites. We will discuss 13 essential road construction safety tips.

Around 150,000 construction accidents are reported yearly alone in the USA. This is reported data. Around 20-30% of accidents ( mainly small accidents) are not reported.

From this data, we can know the scenario of construction accidents throughout the world.

The only way to decrease the number of accidents is to follow safety guidelines.


  13 Essential Road Construction Safety Tips  

13 Essential Road Construction Safety Tips are as follows:


  1. Providing Proper Training  

You need to know all the risk factors before starting work that can make you aware of that particular situation.

You should be well trained before doing any particular work.

Your training should include these factors:

i. Getting safety training classes

ii. Getting training related to types of equipment (How does it work?)

iii. Inspecting the equipment and checking their parts to ensure well functioning.

iv. Emergency and first-aid plans.

Providing Proper Training



  2. Wear the Safety Equipment  

Safety equipment should be provided for all workers and also for visitors.

In the places where the noise is high, earplugs should be used to protect ears from sharp sound.

The respiratory equipment should be utilized to protect the nose from dust particles.

Don’t forget to wear hand gloves and boots while working with steel and concrete.



  3. Create Separate Work Areas  

By creating separate work areas, don’t let to enter any unauthorized person inside the work areas.



  4. Increase Worker and Work Site Visibility  

For making the site more visible and less smoky, spreading water on the ground surface should be done.

Don’t spread more water as the ground surface can be slippery.

An increase in workers can reduce the load of work from workers.



  5. Set Up a Proper Perimeter  

Place a signboard to aware people to not move towards that particular area.

Set Up a Proper Perimeter



  6. Check Electrical Appliances & Wires Daily  

Make a proper path for wires as sometimes it may be dangerous.

The wire should be inspected daily and where it is naked should be immediately get taped.

Check electrical appliances and wires daily



  7. Control Traffic  

During road or highway construction; a traffic signboard should be provided to divert the traffic to a particular region while the work is going on.



  8. Use Caution When Operating Heavy Machinery  

While working with machinery vehicles, more awareness should be shown.

Here are a few things that need to be followed by an operator:

a. Utilize a seatbelt at all times.

b. Apply parking brakes whenever vehicles are not in use.

c. Put a block in front or behind the tires when the machine is parked on an inclined.

d. Use a spotter when moving, unloading, and loading equipment.

e. Check mirrors and other visual aids like tail lights.

Use Caution When Operating Heavy Machinery



  9. Avoid Blind Spots  

The vehicle moving inside the road construction site are dump trucks, compactors, pavement planers, excavators, pavers, and rollers. All the members involved in construction should avoid blind spots as far as possible when they are near to these machinery.

Operators should be more aware that all mirrors and visual aid devices are placed and working properly. The use of sensors and cameras in vehicles can be done to avoid blind spots.
Blind Spot



  10. Keeping a Competent Person  

A competent person is a person who watches all the worker and make sure their safety. All the possible hazards are considered by a competent person.

Keeping a Competent Person



  11. Set Up a Proper Perimeter  

While constructing or maintaining bridges the proper guide board should be kept. For example, while there is construction going on, the road-closed signboard should be placed.

Set Up a Proper Perimeter



  12. Aware of Surrounding  

While working you should be aware of your surroundings, what is going on in your surrounding.

Aware of Surrounding



  13. Always Stay Hydrated  

While working in the hot sun, usually people get faint due to lack of water in their bodies. So, the competent person should ensure that all workers are hydrated properly.

Always Stay Hydrated


These were our 13 Essential Road Construction Safety Tips.

Thank You!


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