10 Great YouTube Channels For Interior Design Inspiration

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Where do interior designers find inspiration? If you’re in need of some DIY interior design inspiration, YouTube is a great place to start. There are tons of great interior design YouTube channels out there; from home tours to DIY projects, these channels have it all. 

✔ Homeowners ask us, “Who is the No 1 interior designer in the world?” and “Who is the most popular interior designer on Youtube?” 

In this post, we’re going to discuss the top 10 YouTube home improvement channels for people who are looking for some interior design inspirations for their homes.

So, if you’re looking to improve your home interior design, then keep reading this article!



  A. 10 Great YouTube Channels for Interior Design Inspiration  


  1. House & Home:  

✔ There are a lot of great YouTube channels out there for interior design inspiration, but House & Home is one of the best.

✔ With over 909,000 subscribers, it’s one of the most popular channels in the category.

✔ House and Home magazine features the best design, decorating, and lifestyle trends in North American homes. The magazine is published by Lynda Reeves.

✔ It brings you the best in design, decorating, and lifestyle trends. It also gives you the advice to help you create the home of your dreams.


  2. TheSorryGirls:  

✔ With over 2.12 million subscribers, TheSorryGirls is one of the most popular channels on the platform. They joined YouTube back in 2010 and have since amassed over 331 million views.

✔ The channel is run by two friends, Kelsey and Beckie, who share a passion for all things DIY and home decor. On their channel, people will find a range of videos, from hauls and home tours to DIY projects and organization tips.


  3. Jami Ray Vintage:  

✔ If you appreciate recycling and reusing, Jami Ray Vintage might captivate you. It’s filled with unique concepts for bringing vintage items and giving them a new lease on life. 

✔ With 187K subscribers, Jami Ray Vintage offers a wealth of knowledge and tips for anyone looking to improve their home’s interior design.


  4. Kinwoven – Robeson Design:  

✔ YouTube’s highest-rated interior decorator, Rebecca Robeson, celebrated over 10 successful years of development. With over 1.27 million subscribers, Robeson Design has been providing quality content since 2009.

✔ Rebecca has a distinctive process for all her clients. She takes pride in designing each House to uniquely mirror each customer’s needs and tastes on a budget. 

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  5. Three Birds Renovations:  

✔ This Australian-based YouTube channel has been inspiring viewers with its creative and beautiful home transformations since 2015. With over 245,000 subscribers and 26 million views, Three Birds Renovations is the perfect place to find interior design inspiration.

✔ Each video showcases a different home renovation project. The team of three women behind the channel (Bonnie Hindmarsh, Lana Taylor, and Erin Cayless) have a wealth of experience in interior design, so you know you’re getting expert advice.


  6. Emily Henderson:  

✔ Perhaps one of our most beloved artists is Emily Henderson, so, of course, her YouTube channel falls into this grouping! Her channel features how-to videos, room makeovers, and helpful ideas for home decor.

✔ Emily Henderson is a writer, stylist, and T.V. host for those who are dedicated to achieving the perfect vintage-inspired home.


  7. Apartment Therapy:  

✔ With 375K subscribers, it’s one of the most popular channels in the genre. Joined 5 Nov 2014, it has amassed 43,061,005 views to date. The channel features a variety of videos on topics such as small-space living, decluttering, and DIY projects.


  8. Mr. Kate:  

✔ Mr. Kate is one of the most popular YouTubers in the home decor space, with over 3.94 million subscribers. Joined 26 Aug 2009, the channel has amassed 512,961,939 views to date.

✔ What sets Mr. Kate apart from other YouTube channels is the quality of their content. The videos are well-produced and provide a ton of great ideas for those looking to spruce up their homes. 


  9. Jenna Sue:  

✔ Jenna Sue uses YouTube as a vlog to document her real estate adventures, remodeling, decor design, and entertainment. She also posts travel videos as a vacation treat for those who work with dedication on an ongoing basis.

✔ She joined YouTube on 23 October 2011 and has since amassed over 7,572,901 views and 61K subscribers.


  10. Karin Bohn:  

✔  With over 169,000 subscribers, Karin has been sharing her passion for design since she joined YouTube in 2015. Her videos have racked up over 12 million views, making her one of the most popular channels in the space.

✔  Karin provides overall positive externalities of her artistic process by sharing her riveting insights into the inner workings of her productions and strategies for collaborating.



  B. Conclusion  

In conclusion, these are ten great YouTube channels to get interior design inspiration. They are all unique in what they offer and their own individual styles. So whether people are looking for a DIY project, tips on how to decorate their home, or just want to be inspired by some beautiful homes, these channels will have something for them.



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