Pothole Patching of Road : Repairing Flexible Pavement

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Generally, we neglect the ruts and road maintenance which may lead to the failure of the road, which needs re-construction, which costs three or more times the maintenance cost.

Maintenance of roads brings immediate and dramatic benefits through improved road safety, comfort, and low vehicle operation cost.

Hence, pothole patching is vital and can be considered maintenance work. It is generally taken as RECURRENT MAINTENANCE OF ROAD.





  1. Pothole Repair / Pothole Patching  

Patch repair is carried out to remove the holes, non-uniformity, and waviness of the road structure to make the road uniform and to stop the conversion of small ruts(holes at the initial condition) into bigger holes and digs.

This problem generally occurs on Flexible pavement (Bitumen roads).


This problem is solved in the following ways:

1. Clean the area along the hole with the broom.

2. Trim vertically to a regular geometrical shape like a square or rectangle.

3. Level the bottom of the hole and remove loose aggregate and foreign materials from the sides.

4. Apply a tack coat on the bottom and sides of the holes.

5. Apply the patching layer and compact it properly by tamping or rolling.

6. If the hole depth exceeds 7.5cm, a patching layer should be provided in 2 or more layers where each layer should be tamped or rolled correctly.

Pothole Patching

Fig: Tamping




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