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15 Tile Removal Tools: With Images and Uses

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 In this article, we will discuss 15 tile removal tools.

Tiles ( Building Tiles) are thin slabs of brick earth, burnt in a kiln. These are very thinner than bricks and have a high tendency to crack and twist in drying and burning than normal bricks and are more responsible for breakage.

Therefore, great care is needed in their manufacture. They should be dried in the shade, burnt, and cooled gradually in specially made kilns.

While removing tiles you need to take care of safety measures.


  1. Tile Removal Tools List  


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Names Images Uses
1. Hammer Hammer Used for breaking, bending, shaping, etc.
2. Sledge Hammer Hammer Used for demolition jobs where high force is needed.
3. Demolition Fork Demolition Fork Used for wood flooring, tile flooring, pallets, etc.
4. Floor Scraper Floor Scraper Used to remove layers of flooring material.
5. Masonry Chisel Masonry Chisel Used for scoring, trimming, or shaping materials such as brick and stone.
6. Air Hammer Air Hammer Used to carve in stone, and to break or cut metal objects apart.
7. Flat Pry Bar Flat Pry Bar Used for prying, scraping, and pulling.
8. Safety Mask Safety Mask Used to protect the wearer from breathing dangerous clouds of dust, fumes, or gases.
9. Safety gloves Safety gloves Used to protect the wearer’s hands from cuts and lacerations when handling sharp and dangerous objects
10. Jackhammer Jackhammer Used to demolish flooring surface.
11. Power Grout Power Grout removal too Used to attack very tough grout, including sanded or epoxy-based grout
12. Safety Googles Safety Googles Used to protect the wearer’s eyes from flying debris, dust, smoke, and corrosive chemicals.
13. Noise Canceling Headphones Noise Canceling Headphones Used to protect ears from loud noise produced by machines, vehicles, tools, etc.
14. Wheel Barrow Wheel Barrow Used for carrying materials.
15. Trim Puller Trim Puller Used to safely and easily remove baseboards, molding, door casings, and decorative panels.



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