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Column Size in Different Countries | Column Size in USA, India, UK, Philippines, Japan & Nepal

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In this article, we will column size in different countries.


  1. Introduction  

Columns are defined as long slender member load axially in compression and having lateral dimensions very small as compared to their lengths.

A vertical compression member is called a column. If load passes through the longitudinal axis coinciding with CG of the column, it is called the axially loaded column, otherwise eccentrically loaded column.

Columns are the building structures connected to different footings to transfer the load of the building to the footings of the buildings.

There are two types of columns: Slender columns and Short columns.

Slender columns are those columns whose cross-sectional dimensions are small compared to their length and this column was introduced with the finding of high strength materials.

Column Size in Different Countries

Short columns are those columns whose cross-sectional dimensions are more compared to their length and this type of column is more widely used than slender columns.

Concrete columns, whether slender or short, uses main reinforcement parallel to the vertical loads and use rectangular or circular ties to prevent the bars buckling action. While pouring concrete, the vertical reinforcement has to be erected straight.


  2. Column Size in Different Countries  

Country  Column Size (MM X MM)
USA 225 x 225
India 229 x 305
UK 254 x 254
Philippines 225  x 300
Nepal 305 x 305
Japan 400 x 280



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