How to Deal with Leaking Ceilings?

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In this article, we will discuss how to deal with leaking ceilings.

The ceiling may be defined as an overhead interior surface that shields the upper limits of a room. It is not usually viewed as a structural element, but rather a finished surface that conceals the floor of a story below or above a roof structure. Ceilings can be constructed according to taste, and religious buildings in particular have many fine examples of ceiling frescoes and artwork.

Ceiling leak problems arise when the building space above the ceiling is saturated with water or moisture, ultimately infiltrating the ceiling. Leaks are taken as discoloration or dripping water through the ceiling.

Ceiling leaks show a faulty plumbing system or an inappropriate rainwater drainage system in the rooms above.



  1. How to Deal with Leaking Ceilings?  

The solution of leakage may vary with the type of leakage so, you should know the cause of leakage. To know the cause of the leakage, read the below-mentioned topic.

Type of Ceiling LeakCauseRepair
1. Internal Ceiling LeakLeaks from ToiletChange the toilet
Replace the leak area and properly seal the joint at the bottom of the toilet
Caulk around the bottom of the toilet.
Leaking Shower or TubRemove the unit, correct the leaks, and seal it properly.
Make the floor moisture-proof if it is not.
Leaking water lines or drain pipesCheck the water supply line to the toilet and change it if any lines are leaking.
If the drains under the sink are leaking, re-install or change them.
2. External Ceiling LeaksLeaking GuttersClean the gutters and downspouts.
Run water through it and measure the flow.
Check the gutter’s slope and connections.
Add screens to protect against debris settlement and clogging.
Missing or damaged shinglesReplace the damaged or missing shingles on the roofs with a matching shingle.
Check if the roof frame is not damaged or rotted in the case of wood frames.
Thawed ice leaksAdd an ice dam membrane along the edge of the roof to protect thawed ice from leaking under the roof shingles, then to the attic, and finally to the ceiling.
Leaking flashing and ventsMinor step flashing issues must be corrected.
If flashing requires replacement, consult an expert to do the work.


Hope you got the answer to how to deal with leaking ceilings.



  2. How to Identify Causes of Ceilings Leaking?  

Here are a few ways to identify the causes of ceiling leaking:

1. Bubbled Paint on Ceiling and Walls

Bubbled Paint on Ceiling and Walls


2. Dark Water on Ceilings

Dark Water on Ceilings  


3. Ceiling Patches after an Event

How to Deal with Leaking Ceilings




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