Skirting Tiles: Types, Uses & Cost

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Skirting tiles are tiles placed on the edge or junction of the floor and wall. It allows your room to look larger than it is in reality.



  1. Types of Skirting  

The different types of skirting are as follows:

✔ Metal Skirting

✔ Wooden Skirting

Continued Skirting

✔ Contrasting color skirting

✔ Pencil Skirting

✔ Plastered skirting

✔ Movable floor skirting

✔ MDF skirting

✔ Bullnose Skirting

✔ Double Layered Skirting



Skirting Tiles


  2. Uses of Skirting Tiles  

The uses of skirting tiles are as follows:


✔ To avoid making dirt marks on the wall

It is mostly utilized to save the attractiveness of wall bottoms while cleaning the floor with mops without leaving the dirt spot on the wall base.


✔ To avoid wall damage

When we try to set an item of furniture against a wall there is a high chance of damage. To neglect that damaged skirting tiles are kept.


✔ Decorative Purpose



  3. Installation of Skirting Tiles  

This tile is installed in the same way as others and the wall surface must be level, clean and smooth.

By placing it on top of the floor tile and up against the wall you can dry adjust the skirting.

With the exact cutters, you utilized on the floor arrangement you can also trim the tiles.

Connect backer board as required and lay the adhesive on the board and into the adhesive press the skirting tile.

To hold consistency, you can add plastic spacers between tiles and wipe off any extra adhesive.

Then to put the tile into the adhesive utilize a mallet and leveler, and grout the joints utilizing the paste.

Apply grout sealer as required once the grout has cured and wiped away any leftover grout.



  4. Types of Skirting Tiles  

The types of skirting tiles are as follows:

a. Floor Skirting Tiles

To make an awesome skirting board that combines the two surfaces with a smooth finish you can utilize extra floor tiles and for stylish kitchens with a tile floor and block color painted walls, this is a traditional glance that performs pleasingly.


Floor Skirting Tiles


b. Wall Skirting Tiles

You can add a contrasting colored tile to make a bold skirting between the wall and floor if the walls are also tiled and if you have matching colored tiles on the walls and floor then this is a good glance.


Wall Skirting Tiles


c. Border Skirting Tiles

You can think of purchasing unique border tiles to split the floor and walls for an actually striking gaze and there are many techniques you could accept such as stay masterpiece with a block color that cleanly separates the two tiles or you can choose for a patterned tile to either complement or clash if you are sensing more adventurous.


Border Skirting Tiles



  5. Cost of Skirting Tiles  

The price of Wooden Skirting is Rs 300/piece. Floor tile costs varties from Rs 28 per square foot to Rs 327 per square foot.



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