Jeddah Tower ( برج جدة)

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Jeddah Tower will be the tallest man-made structure whose height will be 3,280 feet ( i.e. 1 Km+ ) after completion.

✔ It is also known as Kingdom Tower (برج المملكة).

✔ It will consist of 167 floors (2 basements).

✔ Its preliminary construction cost is SR 4.45 billion (US$1.23 billion).

✔ It is under construction recently and the construction was started on 1 April 2013.

The time for complete construction was estimated to be 63 months ( 5 years & 3 months). But due to labor-related issues, the Russia-Ukraine War, and Covid-Pandemic; its construction is delayed and the completion date is unknown.





  1. Jeddah Tower Details  


NameJeddah tower
ImageJeddah tower
 برج جدة
Also Named AsKingdom Tower (برج المملكة)
Saudi Binladin Group
Construction Started DateApril 1, 2013
Construction Completion DateUnknown
HeightThe height of the Jeddah Tower will be 3,280 feet (1,000 meters).
FloorsIt will consist of 167 floors (2 basements).
PilesJeddah Tower has 270 piles.
CostThe total cost of construction will be US $1.23 billion (Preliminary).
OwnerThe owner of Jeddah Tower is Jeddah Economic Company; Kingdom Real Estate Development.
Jeddah Vs Burj Khalifa HeightJeddah Tower is 563.46 feet taller than Burj Khalifa.
LocationJeddah Tower is located in Saudi Arabia.
Plot50-hectare (120 Acre)
Floor AreaThe Floor area of the tower is 243,866 m2 (2,624,950 sq ft)
Date of Soil TestingMay 2008
Date of Foundation Construction End of 2012
Piling Completed
December 2013
Adrian D. Smith, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Architectural style
Outdoor Sky Terrace
 Roughly 30 m (98 ft) diameter
Lifts/ElevatorsThere will be 59 (55 single decks and 4 double-deck) lifts/elevators, made by Kone.
Lifts/Elevators36 km/h or 22 mph in both directions up to (33 feet)
Pressure inside ElevatorsOver 10 kPa (1.5 psi)





  2. Jeddah Tower – History 

In March 2010, Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture (AS + GG) were chosen as the preliminary architects but they deny involvement in the mile-high designs.

Later, when the proposal was more serious, they won a design competition between eight leading architectural firms like Kohn Pedersen Fox, Pickard Chilton, Pelli Clarke Pelli, Foster Partners, etc.

In August 2011, the Binladin Group was selected as the main construction contractor with the signing of an SR4.6 billion (US$1.23 billion) contract, which was less than it cost to construct the Burj Khalifa (US$1.5 billion).

Jeddah Tower

In January 2018, building owner JEC halted structural concrete work. Only one-third of the work was finished due to labor issues with a contractor.





  3. Floors And Purposes  

The actual height of the Burj Khalifa was also not announced until the opening ceremony. The developers of Jeddah Tower are doing a similar thing hiding the final height secret, expressing only that it will be at least 1,000 meters (3,300 ft) high.

The developer has not given any official floor count. But, Adrian Smith said that it will be nearly about 50 floors taller than the Burj Khalifa which has 163 floors. In November 2010, an older kilometer-high design was said to contain over 200 floors.

The elevators cannot move faster due to the change in air pressure at such a quick speed could cause Nausea ( uneasiness of the stomach that usually comes before vomiting); at 914 m (3,000 ft), the air pressure is over 10 kPa (1.5 psi) lower than at ground level (a 10% decrease in air pressure). They should also be well planned so the cables are not unbearably heavy.

> 168Empty Spire
168 (682 m)Tuned mass damper
158–167Building control machines
157 (637 m)Observation deck, outdoor balcony
155–156Hotel, restaurants
154Four Seasons Hotel
144–153Hotel rooms
141–143Building control machines
140Hotel rooms, refuge area
127–139Hotel rooms
125–126Hotel sky lobby
115–124Hotel rooms
114Building control machines, refuge area
103Residence, refuge area
93Residential sky lobby
90–92Building control machines
89Refuge area
79Refuge area
65–66Sky lobby
64Refuge area
48–50Building control machines
47Refuge area
33–34Sky lobby
29–32Building control machines
16–17Building control machines
3–5Building control machines
2Shopping mall
1Office lobby serviced hotel lobby
B1Observatory entrance, shops, and restaurants
B2Parking, Building control machines


Source: Wikipedia





  4. FAQ  

1. How tall is the Jeddah Tower?

The Jeddah Tower is supposed to be a height of 3,281 ft having about 200 floors.


2. When will the Jeddah tower be finished?

The Jeddah Tower completion dates have not been officially announced but the time to complete construction was estimated to be 63 months (5 years & 3 months).


3. How many floors are in Jeddah Tower?

In Jeddah Tower, there will be about 200 floors (2 basements) with 59 elevators.


4. Where is Jeddah Tower?

Jeddah Tower is located on the Northside of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.





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