How Can We Contribute To Nature?

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We have exceeded our limit of using natural resources in these years. In next words, we are destructing nature very rapidly in the name of utilization. Due to such animal-like behavior of using all-natural resources randomly without seeking the consequences; we are facing many problems like global warming, landslide, rock falls, floods, etc.  So in this article, we will be discussing “How Can We Contribute To Nature? “. 


  How Can We Contribute To Nature?  

This article is not for specific people or specific regions. It is for all the conscious people like you who believe in the preservation of nature.

Yes, it is hard to start doing something new. But you should also know that every good change starts with a single person.

You may be a Civil Engineer or Technician or Civil Engineering Student or Normal Person. Whatever you are; you can contribute to nature with these ideas. So please read every point carefully.


  Ways of Contributing Nature  


a. Convert Your Existing Roof Into Green Roof 

You can directly contribute to mother nature by converting your normal roof into a green roof.

You can also construct a green roof directly if you are going to build a new house.

green roof | How Can We Contribute To Nature?

Green roof not only provides aesthetic beauty to the building but also provides features like :

a. provides a rainwater buffer.

b. purifies the air.

c. reduces the ambient temperature.

d. supports biodiversity.

e. helps in improving health and well-being

f. reduce the electromagnetic radiation penetration up to 99.4 %.

g. extends the life span of the roof up to 60 years.

As green roof promotes greenery, this directly supports nature and bio-diversity.

To clear all doubt about green roof: Read Here 


b. Use Green Cement In Construction Rather Than Normal Cement

Another way of contributing to nature is by using green cement in place of normal cement.

Green cement can be understood as environmentally compatible cement that is developed for minimizing the carbon footprint in the production of cement.

Types of Green Cement

In general practice, the manufacturing process of ordinary cement involves the production of a large amount of heat (energy) that leads to the emission of various harmful gases particularly Carbon Dioxide.

According to the statistical data, about 0.6 to 1.1 tonne of carbon dioxide is emitted for 1 tonne of cement production.

The carbon dioxide thus emitted is a chief source of air pollution. Thus, to minimize such emissions and to prevent the degradation of the environment, the concept of green cement was developed.

To learn detailly about green cement:  Read Here


c. Increase The Use of Bamboo Rather Than Other Woods If Possible 

Yes, you heard correct. In the US and European countries, wooden buildings are commonly utilized. The reasons behind the use of wooden buildings are reduced taxes, mobility, economy, etc.

So, utilizing bamboo in place of other woods can also indirectly help nature to revive.

bamboo as a construction material

Normal trees take more than 5 years to grow to normal size. But bamboo can reach maximum growth within 3  years.

Bamboo is also flexible and strong and can be used for purposes like roofing, framing, decorating, flooring, etc.

Cultivation of bamboo is also increased throughout the world which is also supporting to stop the cut of other trees that takes years or sometimes decades to grow.

Know the uses and areas of application of  bamboos: Read Here 


d. Focus on Constructing Zero Energy Building  

Another way of contributing is promoting the construction of zero energy buildings.

Zero energy building is the building in which the total amount of energy consumed is equal to the total amount of renewable energy produced by the building.

Zero Energy Building

About 37 % of the global electricity is produced utilizing the coals. So, producing energy for own building utilizing renewable sources like solar energy is kept in priority in zero energy building.

This directly supports nature to revive by reducing carbon emissions.

Know all about Zero Energy Building: Read Here


e. Planting Trees 

As every simple to a simple person knows the importance of plantation in the preservation of nature; we should run and also encourage others to run the plantation programs.


f. Promote the use of the 4R principle

The 4R- principle refers to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. We should follow this principle to reduce non-biodegradable wastes.

4R Principle

Detail Study of 4R- Principle: Read Here


We have just provided our point of view. There may be more other ways to contribute to saving nature. If you have any ways other than these, kindly comment below to share knowledge with each other.

If you want to publish your own view regarding nature, then you can mail your content directly to us at We will publish it with your name for free of cost.

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