Flat Roof Repair: Main Causes & Repair Procedure

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In this article, we will discuss flat roof repair.

The roof is the topmost part of any building or structure that protects the interior from heat, rain, snow, etc. Pitch is the slope of the roof and the type of roof which has a pitch of approximately 10 degrees or below is called a flat roof.



  1. Cause  

The stagnation of water on a flat roof is one of the common reasons for leakage and dampness in the building. Leakage happens on a flat roof due to bad drainage also.

a. Damaged Roofing Materials

b. Loose Collars or Flashing

c. Installation issues

d. Poor Drainage And Pooling

e. Degraded Materials



  2. Flat Roof Repair Procedure  


Flat Roof Repair


a. Finding Roof Damage


Determine how far the leak is from the 2 closest walls.

✓ Examine the roof’s slope above the area you measured

✓ Identify any punctures, tears, or cracks in the roof

✓ Check the roof’s seams for cracks and holes

✓ Sweep away water and debris from the damaged area

✓ Dry any areas before attempting to treat them


b. Sealing Small Cracks


Slice open blistered spots with a utility knife

✓ Cut around the damaged area until the membrane rests flat

✓ Spread a layer of roofing cement with a trowel

✓ Lay a piece of fiberglass mesh over the cement

✓ Cover the mesh with a thick layer of cement

✓ Add a layer of gravel over the cement to prevent sun damage


c. For patching


Get a roof repair kit to easily patch up your roof

✓ Cut out the damaged area using a utility knife

✓ Fill the hole with a layer of roofing cement

✓ Set a patch on top of the cement

✓ Coat the damaged area with a layer of roofing cement

✓ Cut a patch to fit over the cement.

✓ Set the new patch over the original patch.

✓ Cover the patch in a final layer of cement.



  3. Remedy  

The slope of the roof terrace should be constructed so that the rainwater drains off before seeping into the roof.

The minimum recommended slope for a roof covered with tiles is 1 in 60.

For non-tiled rough surfaces, it is 1 in 40.


Flat Roof Repair




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