How Many Cinder Blocks Need to Build a Garage | Cinder Blocks Need to Build a Warehouse

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In this article, we will discuss how many cinder blocks need to build a garage.


  1. Introduction  

Cinder blocks may be defined as hollow rectangle-shaped structures normally prepared of concrete and coal cinders that are available utilized to build walls in construction sites.

Ash is utilized as aggregate in the cinder block. The difference between Concrete blocks and cinder is that concrete blocks are prepared by using cement, aggregate, sand, water but in cinder, ash is used in place of aggregate.


How Many Cinder Blocks Need to Build a Garage



  2. How Many Cinder Blocks Need to Build a Garage  

Cinder blocks are cheap in cost and easily available in the market. The quantity of mortar is less required for cinder blocks construction. There are the steps that will help you to find the number of cinder blocks you need to construct a Garage.

A normal cinder block weight is around 26-33 lb (11.8-15.0 kg). In the US, Cinder blocks are 16 in (410 mm) long and 8 in (200 mm) wide. Their normal dimensions are 38 inch (9.5 mm) less than the formal dimensions (to permit for ​38 inch mortar joints between blocks in any orientation).


A. How Many Cinder Blocks Need to Build a Garage?

1) Find the Perimeter of your Garage:

To calculate the perimeter you need to add the four walls length measured in feet and subtract the door width or opening.

Take an example, If your garage room size is 20 feet by 30 feet or 20×30, with two 8-foot-wide doors, you add 20 + 20 + 30 + 30 to get 100 feet, then subtract 16 feet for the doors to get an 84-foot net perimeter.


2) Calculate the square footage of the garage wall:

In the second step, you should multiply the perimeter to the height to get the total wall area in square feet.

If your garage walls are to be 8 feet tall, multiply 8 by the 84-foot net perimeter to get 672 square feet of total wall area.


3) Calculate the surface area of one standard cinder block:

We can calculate the Surface area in sq ft by multiplying its length and height such as 9″×14″ = 126 sq inches, into sq ft 126 ÷ 144 = 0.875 sq ft.


4) Find the number of cinder blocks needed per sq ft:

To find the number of cinder blocks you need to divide the 1 square footage area of the garage wall by 0.875, such as the number of cinder blocks per sq ft = 1÷0.875 = 1.143.


5) Multiply the total wall area by 1.143:

To find the total wall area get the approximate number of blocks you’ll need to build the garage walls. Multiplying 672 square feet of wall area by 1.143 is 768.096, meaning you will need around 768 concrete blocks or cinder to build your garage walls.

Add 5 percent to the total to account for spoiled blocks, which in this example is 56 blocks. Adding 56 to 768 results in 824 blocks required to construct your garage walls.


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