False Ceiling Designs With Images: Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages

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False ceiling designs provide extra beauty to the building. A False Ceiling is not similar to the standard ceiling which is prepared by the use of decorative material such as gypsum board, PVC panels, tiles, etc.



  2. Best False Ceiling Designs  

Here are some best false ceiling designs:


1. False Ceiling Designs For Flat and House


Best False Ceiling Design 


2. False Ceiling Designs For Villas


2. False Ceiling Design For Villas


3. False Ceiling Designs For Office


False Ceiling Design For Office


4. False Ceiling Designs For Hotel And Restaurant


4. False Ceiling Design For Hotel And Restaurant


5. False Ceiling Designs for Bedroom


False Ceiling Design for Bedroom


6. Touch of Gold in Ceiling


Touch of Gold in Ceiling


7. Fibre False Ceiling



7. Beam Design False Ceiling


Beam Design False Ceiling


8. Wood Plank False Ceiling


Wood Plank False Ceiling


9. False Ceiling with LED Lights


False Ceiling with LED Lights


10. Modular False Ceiling


Modular False Ceiling


11. POP False Ceiling


False Ceiling


12. Gypsum Board False Ceiling

False Ceiling


13. Modern Gypsum False Ceiling

False Ceiling


14. False Ceiling With Fan


13. Modern Gypsum False Ceiling


15. Glass False Ceiling

False Ceiling



  3. Uses  

False ceilings are used for,

a. Concealing wires

b. Soundproofing

c. Fire safety, energy efficiency

d. To help in moisture and sag resistance.


They are used in,

a. Restaurants

b. Showrooms

c. Hall

d. Resorts

e. Jewelry shops

f. Book Store, Libraries.



  4. Components  

The components of False Ceiling are shown in the figure below.



  5. Advantages  

The advantages are as follows: 

✔ False ceiling installation is a very hard task you can hang it effortlessly with the best tools and equipment.

✔ The false ceiling work provides a slant and clutter-free look by concealing all the ductwork, pipes, and electrical wiring work.

✔ If any type of damage is seen can be easily maintained by just removing the damaged false ceiling panels with the new one.

✔ It provides good acoustic and soundproofing in space. Its material can be chosen such that it holds noise and make the room as quiet as possible.

✔ A false ceiling is a very inexpensive option for homeowners when the original ceiling has a problem related to water leakage and loose plaster fall. So, its saves ceiling maintenance cost with a new aesthetically attractive ceiling option.

✔ It is an energy-enough option as it uses to decrease the heat in summer and cold in winter with low electricity bills.



  6. Disadvantages  

The disadvantages are as follows: 

✔ It decreases the floor height by some inches or feet as it is attached at some gap from the original ceiling.

✔ The false ceiling needs routine maintenance and it does not have a long-lasting life.

✔ The sagging of the ceiling is a problem that occurs in every false ceiling during the utility period.

✔ Skilled Manpower is needed.

✔ The material used is light in weight and is not solid which makes them highly risky at the time of an earthquake or any other accident case.



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