Skillion Roofs: Types, Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages

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The skillion roof is a special roof containing just one isolated unvarying surface. The properties are more important than the standard smooth tents. The variance between the standard roof and the skillion roof is the distinguishable perpendicular pitch.

This roof is about a practical domicile with bright lines and a new manner. The complete slope of skillion roofs conducts an attractive choice for those who recognize minimalistic components.

It has many different recognitions assigned by the experts like- Mono-pitched roofs, Lean-to roofs, Shed roofs, and Pent roofs. In the Victorian period, the skillion roof was a hugely used roofing methodology that was a guide for home expansions.

In spite of occurring on a roof, they do not need to be fastened to any parts of the roof. If you have never heard of a skillion roofs, here is all you should accept about this roofing style.


Skillion Roof 


A roof design includes only one single flat slope. It is an imposing choice for those who acquire the minimalist design. The single-sloped plane of the skillion roofs is not attached to any extra roof surface, hence preparing it special from gable roofs.

These simple to build and different roof designs are majorly utilized in home extensions and outbuildings as they do not require any fastening to a roof’s fragment. We can use this type of roof for both the animal and people as it is told that the skillion roof authorizes us to lower the temperature by 5 degrees.



  1. Types Of Skillion Roof  

The types of skillion roofs are as follows:

a. Butterfly Roof

b. Oval Roof

c. Split Skillion Roof

d. Multiple Skillion Roof


a. Butterfly Roof

A butterfly roof also called a V roof occasionally is a form of roof characterized by an inversion of a standard roof form, with two roof surfaces sloping down the rival perimeters to a valley near the interior of the roof. It is named a butterfly roof because its shape corresponds to a butterfly’s wings.

Butterfly roofs are correlated in the US with 20th-century Mid-century modern architecture. They were also utilized in Georgian and Victorian terraced house architecture of British cities.

Butterfly Roof


b. Oval Roof

An oval skillion roof is also known as a curved skillion roof using a smooth curve rather than a steep straight line and sounds like a more organic aesthetic. It may authorize a bigger indoor area, even building another floor where height is restricted and is also better naturally prevented from the wind. However, oval roofs are not utilized in residential design as it inclines to have cost-prohibitive.


Oval Roof


c. Split Skillion Roof

It is becoming outstanding to combine traditional gabled roofing and skillion roofing in an individual home, pertained to as a split-skillion roof.


Split Skillion Roof


d. Multiple Skillion Roof

Designing the many skillion segments at different heights can also be aesthetically amusing, with a similar impressive look but less of a hit to the budget.

Skillion Roof



  2. Uses Of Skillion Roof  

The uses of skillion roof are as follows:

✔ They are a heap, flat sailing, and very rapid while constructing.

✔ These roofs allow water drainage as they possess a steeper pitch.

✔ These roofs can be personalized according to the customer’s priority.

✔ The isolated slope of the skillion roof includes fewer components.

✔ These Roofs can be utilized as an expansion.

✔ The Skillion roofs enable eco-friendly insertions like solar panels and skylights.

✔ These roofs allocate more natural illumination to the households because of their lengthy slope.

✔ It has a strong diagram component.

✔ Skillion roofs elicit bucolic and manufacturing threads.

✔ They provide wide outer on top.

✔ These roofs have last lengthier compared to the horizontal caliber roofs.



  3. Advantages of Skillion Roof  

The advantages of skillion of a skillion roof are as follows:

1. Better Drainage

With the roof’s stunning steep pitch, water runs off considerably quicker and it is minor likely to damage by drainage struggling other roof types might be. While you are required to make sure your drainage system and gutters are applicable for this raised water runoff, it is extensively less likely that a skillion roofs will leak.

Moreover, the various butterfly skillion roof is a highly eco-friendly option, with their “wings” and center point preparing collection and reuse of rainwater very much easier.

This is huge in Australia’s recent drought weather and mediates particular sustainability legislation concerning reusing rainwater for new home builds.

2. More Eco-friendly And Sustainable

With the simple gathering of rainwater from the skillion roof, the sloping angle provides a good surface for the fixing of solar panels, authorizing you to reduce your electricity bills and save even more money in the future. Moreover, these roofs are best for skylights to provide rise the maximum of the sun’s natural light during the day and lessen electricity utilization.

3. More Affordable

Skillion roofs are simpler, cheap, and quick to build, as they expect fewer materials than conventional gable roofs. This conduct lows the price of your roof, giving you a modern look at a fraction of the expenditure.

4. Aesthetic Dramatic Design

The particular sweeping steep line of the skillion roof is confident to conduct attention to your household from the street, while the rising ceilings inner your building will be a conversation part for several dinner parties to come.

5. Privacy From Close Neighbours

You can effectively block out viewpoints into your house by angling the steep gradient of your roof down towards neighbors who have erected close to one side of your block. You can accordingly make utilize of clerestory windows to take in ventilation and light into your room while continuing your privacy from prying eyes.

6. Longer Lifespan

When prepared and constructed accurately with quality materials and by a skilled builder, a skillion roof will provide a long-lasting life span than a standard flat roof due to the perpendicular angle and cost highly less in lifetime maintenance.

7. Extensions

Regular extensions that are increased to a property after the special build makes utilize a skillion roofs for additional cover. This is one more advantage when using a skillion roofs.


Advantages of Skillion Roof



  4. Disadvantages of Skillion Roof  

The disadvantages of skillion roof are as follows:

1. No Attic Space:

One of the highly remarkable disadvantages of skillion roofs is their absence of attic extent. If you require extra storage on your roof extent, this type of roof design won’t be good enough for you. The cause for the absence of attic extent is due to the roof’s angle being tighter than gable and hip roofs.

2. Prone To Wind Damage:

Just like hip and gable roofs, skillion roofs are at high risk of high wind or hurricane destruction. To control this type of issue, you should take building various roof slopes to prepare the major roof stronger. To do this, ensure you engage expert roofers in order to recognize a longer-lasting roof.



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