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Demolition Tools List: With Images & Uses

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In this article, we will discuss the demolition tools list.

Demolition of buildings and structures is done for many reasons.  Every design of a building or a structure has a certain lifespan which is known as design life. The building is constructed taking a span of life, about 80 -100 years. When this design life of the building is completed, the structure is considered as not safe for living and neighboring buildings. There can be other various reasons too for the demolition of a building, old structures are to be removed by new buildings. The structure lost its stability or had any structural damage. Generally, the small buildings are destroyed to construct a big structures, etc.


  1. Demolition Tools List  

Names Images Uses
1. Sledge Hammer Demolition Tools List: With Images & Uses Demolition of drywall, concrete, wood, etc.
2. Crowbar Crowbar Used to open nailed wooden crates.
3. Pliers Pliers Used for gripping
4. Nail Puller Nail Puller Used for pulling out nails, even if they are sunken into the wood.
5. Demolition hammer demolition hammer Used for the demolition of concrete and various structures
6. Backhoe Backhoe Used to collapse the building walls.
7. Mask Mask Used to stop the dust particles from going inside the nose.
8. Helmet Helmet Used to protect the head.
9. Gloves and Boots Gloves and Boots Used to protect hands and legs from sharp objects.
10. Glasses Glasses Used to protect eyes from dust particles.
11. Skid Steer Loaders Skid Steer Loaders Used on demolition projects of greater scale.
12. Excavator Wrecking Ball Excavator Wrecking Ball Used for demolishing large buildings.




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