Continuous System of Water Supply : Working, Advantages & Disadvantages

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A continuous system of water supply is the best method in which the water is supplied to the community during all 24 hours of the day.
In this system, a sufficient amount of water is always available for consumers to use and also for an emergency like fire fighting.

Intermittent System of Water Supply

Due to the continuous circulation; water remains fresh but the losses will be more if there are leakages in the system.

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  1. Working of Continuous System of Water Supply  

Water demand is high during morning and evening time whereas very low during night time.

To tackle peak demand and hourly fluctuations, balancing reservoirs are commonly utilized.

Balancing reservoir gets recharged during low demand time and serves during peak demand time.



  2. Advantages of Continuous System of Water Supply  

i. Due to continuous circulation, water remains fresh.

ii. Water is available for users in sufficient quantity 24/7.

iii. Pipes of lesser size are required for distribution.

iv. Emergency demands like fire demands can be met within time.



  3. Disadvantages of Continuous System of Water Supply   

i. Loss of water during the distribution of water is high.

ii. Requirement of more water at the source.

iii. Increase in water wastage due to lack of civic sense.


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Er. Madhu Krishna
Er. Madhu Krishna
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