Construction Insurance Companies in USA: Cost To Insure a Construction Company & All Details

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In this article, we will discuss construction insurance companies in the USA.

Construction companies need to handle various risks, from on-the-job damages and equipment stealing to timeline delays and customer lawsuits. Business insurance supports shields your company from the risk of financial impact if anything goes mistake on the job during construction or at your shop.

The outstanding construction insurance companies provide customizable policies so you can buy the right coverage depending on your trade, job type, and company size. They give satisfaction, with the ability to obtain quotes and file assert fastly and on your date.


Construction Insurance Companies



  1. Construction Insurance Companies  

These insurance providers provide you a tailored coverage for construction businesses and possess strong financial ratings from AM Best, a trusted credit rating agency concentrated in the insurance industry. Providers that do not possess an AM Best rating were not taken in this list.


a. Erie: Best overall customer satisfaction

Erie’s contractor’s insurance contains normal liability and commercial property insurance, but you can change your policy with builders risk insurance, tools and equipment coverage, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto (among other coverage), based on your insurance requirements. Quotes are given by the help of local agents, and non-native English speakers can check for agents who speak their proposed language. Erie has a rating of A+  from the Better Business Bureau.




a. Advantages

Evaluated among the top providers for whole customer contentment in J.D. Power’s 2021 United States small commercial insurance study. Agents who speak various languages are found.


b. Disadvantages

The total extent is accessible in only 12 states and Washington, D.C.


b. The Hartford: Best for construction-industry expertise

Hartford’s business owner’s policies contain business interruption insurance, which supports protecting the money if property damage forces you to stop work. This is not fixed for all types of business insurance providers. You can group coverage that contains workers’ compensation, management liability, and installation coverage, among other choices. You can have a quote system online, though all policies are sold with the help of agents.


The Hartford



A business owner’s policy contains business income insurance. Preferred underwriters for construction businesses. Risk engineering experts can support your business to lower the risk of losses. The major advantage is that online quotes are provided.



If we talk about the customer satisfaction rating it has below average in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. small commercial insurance study. It is not extended to Alaska, Hawaii, or New Jersey.


c. Nationwide: Best for customized coverage 

Nationwide provides extra extent for construction businesses, containing inland marine insurance, builder’s risk coverage, and surety and fidelity bonds. You can begin a quote online, use the phone call, or work with an agent. Nationwide possess an A+ evaluation from the Better Business Bureau.




The extent choices are adapted to the construction industry, as well as risk-management services. The online quotes are provided for more easiness.



It has a below-average customer satisfaction evaluation in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. small commercial insurance study.


d. Next: Best for online quotes, and claims

Next is a comparative beginner in the industry but full of established providers. Still, the company has already obtained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. With Next, you can manage your business insurance fully online, from online quotes to claims, or communicate with an agent over the phone call.

Next provides normal and professional liability coverage, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and tools and equipment insurance. However, Next doesn’t provide extra coverage, like builder’s risk or pollution liability insurance.




Have a quote and purchase your policy fully online. Claims are usually solved within 48 hours.



It is a newer insurance company established in 2016. Few extra construction coverages are not provided. It is not available in New York or Washington, DC.


These were the top-class construction insurance companies that we got.



  2. Details  

Here are details related to construction insurance companies and customers.


Type of insurance Details
General liability insuranceThe third-party asserts heavily wounded or property harmed. May be needed by your city or state. Customers also need proof of liability insurance.
Professional liability insuranceLegal costs are connected to claims of errors or carelessness, containing violate of contracts or missed deadlines.
Commercial property insuranceThe cost to change structures and physical objects, such as tools or building materials, that are harmed due to fire, vandalism, or other events. (Note: Can be combined with general liability insurance with a business owner’s policy.)
Commercial auto insuranceThe cost is connected to accidents, such as property harm and wounds when driving a covered vehicle for business use.
Workers’ compensationMedical bills for workers and/or contractors who get hurts from a work-linked illness or wounds. Needed in most states if you own at least one worker.


Normal contractors and construction companies also require:


a. Builder’s risk insurance

Covers buildings under construction or renovation against damage or loss due to fire, weather, vandalism, and other events.


b. Product liability insurance

It covers legal costs, settlements, and medical bills resulting from a product’s faulty installation or repair.


c. Inland marine insurance

Covers business property while in transit or being stored away from your business.


d. Surety bonds

Provide a guarantee that you will complete the project you were hired for. Erie Insurance, Hartford, and Nationwide provide a surety bond, but Next does not provide a surety bond.



  3. Cost To Insure a Construction Company  

The whole average monthly price for a business owner’s policy, as the report of 2020 data is $84, though construction companies can have a  variance in their rates vary slightly from this number.

For example, the price for a normal contractor will vary from those of a roofer, electrician, plumber, or mason.

Other elements that affect the price of coverage contains the size and scope of the work you do on, where your business runs, how many workers you have, and the number of vehicles you want to insure. Have a quote from various insurance providers and compare coverage types and limits to find the best value for your construction business.


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