6 Ideas On How To Make Your Backyard More Inviting

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Imagine being in your backyard. You’re enjoying the shade in a comfortable hammock or relaxing in your hot tub under a pergola surrounded by flowering vines. Maybe you’re hanging out at your firepit, roasting marshmallows with your kids. 

✓ When you’re at home in your backyard, how do you like to spend your time? If these ideas sound tempting, but if your backyard isn’t that inviting, you’re missing out. All it takes is some imagination and a few fresh ideas, and you can create a backyard space that will be your family’s favourite new place to gather. Check out these six great ideas to get started.



  6 Ideas On How To Make Your Backyard More Inviting  


 1. Outdoor Lounge  

✓ You can make an outdoor lounge anywhere in your backyard. Use weather-resistant cushions, and provide adequate seating for entertaining large groups. Some outdoor furniture has built-in storage, making cleaning up the kids’ toys easy. You should also have side tables for drinks and snacks.

✓ With a cover, your outdoor lounge will be more usable. Put your outdoor lounge on a covered deck and tie it into your indoor area to make it easy to access.


 2. Custom Deck 

✓ Building a custom deck for your backyard gives you more living space and makes your backyard easier to use. With a custom design, you can have all the features you want, like privacy, custom shapes, and built-in seating. 

✓ Today, custom decks are more versatile than ever before. Your backyard deck can serve any purpose you desire, and once you have an idea of how you want to use it, you can get more ideas by talking to professional deck builders. 

✓ Whether you want a new deck to serve as an outdoor kitchen or one that will be perfect for entertaining guests, deck builders have the expertise to help you make the most of your space. With a new custom deck, your backyard will be more inviting than ever.


 3. Hot Tub Area 

✓ Your hot tub area should be an expression of your tastes. For example, while some people might enjoy a hot tub area surrounded by plants and foliage, others would prefer a hot tub area that features an outdoor television and entertainment center.

✓ No matter what your preferences are in terms of style, your hot tub area will be more inviting when design elements like these are included:  

  • A deck or patio will help you keep dirt and other debris from getting in the hot tub. 
  • Comfortable seating with plush cushions for people to gather when they aren’t in the tub.
  • Bench seating is handy for taking off shoes before getting in. 
  • Features like foliage or metal screens provide privacy.
  • Lighting that can be dimmed will create a mood and make the area safer.
  • A path to and from the house will make walking out to your hot tub easier, even in the winter.

✓ You can incorporate all these design elements into your hot tub area to make it inviting, comfortable, and safe. The benches, seating, privacy screens, and lighting you choose will create a unique style.


 4. A Meandering Path 

✓ There’s something about a meandering path that gives people a sense of mystery. A meandering garden path offers an invitation and makes people feel like there is something they can discover just around the next curve.

✓ Make the path wide enough for two people to walk side by side. Build private seating areas along the path, or hang a hammock in a concealed area surrounded by tall shrubs or climbing vines. 

✓ To make your meandering path more interesting, use small walls along the way to create little “rooms” containing a feature of interest. Boundaries and borders are used in feng shui gardens to help contain the chi energy, and you can use them to add visual interest to your path.


 5. Water Feature 

✓ Big or small, water features are popular because they have so many benefits. First, even tiny water features will attract small wildlife, including dragonflies and birds. They add visual interest, making them perfect features to include on your meandering pathway. Finally, water features are the focal point of many backyards.

✓ Even more important than being inviting, water features have been shown to reduce stress. The relaxing sound of water can help drown out other sounds, like noisy neighbors and loud traffic. It doesn’t take a large water feature to create enough sound to provide a soothing atmosphere.


 6. Playground 

✓ If you have young children or grandchildren, installing a small playground can make your backyard more inviting for little people. If you can do a bit of DIY, you can make a playground that will last for years. Otherwise, you should pay around $5,000 for a pre-made playground, depending on its features.

✓ Playgrounds with features like a clubhouse at the top, a slide, swings, and a see-saw provide hours of fun. And while your children are preoccupied with the playground, you can enjoy the other inviting features you’ve added to your backyard.

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