difference between civil engineering and architecture

Difference Between Civil Engineering and Architecture


Before knowing the difference between civil engineering and architecture;  we have to understand what exactly they are.


Civil Engineering

The engineering discipline which deals with the design, planning, construction, and maintenance of the physical and natural structures that includes public works such as roads, bridges, airports, canals, sewerage systems, pipelines, buildings and railways is called civil engineering.

The graduation course of civil engineering includes an average of 48 subjects and 4 years of period.

Civil Engineering course mostly deals with mathematical and scientific calculations. So, it is quite a hard course.

Eligibility to study civil engineering

To choose this stream, you should secure minimum 50 % in Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry in +2 or Intermediate level. Diploma holders are also eligible to choose this stream.


Responsibilities of Civil Engineering

1. Test building materials

2. Consider government regulations and possible hazards

3. Perform surveying operations

4. Supervise maintenance of roads and structures

5. Design sewage treatment systems

6. Construct dams, tunnels, and bridges

7. Conduct risk analysis



Architecture is the art or practises of designing and constructing buildings. Mostly, this field is responsible for dreaming and designing of any structures. The civil engineer is the possible maker of architects dream.
It mainly deals with the physical appearance or aesthetic beauty of the structures.


Eligibility to study Architecture

To choose this stream, you should secure minimum 50 % in Mathematics, Physics, English and Chemistry in +2 or Intermediate level or equivalent.


Responsibilities of Architecture

1. Organize structure specifications

2. To provide aesthetic beauty to the design.

3. Draft drawings and plans.

4. Inspect and testing building support systems

5. Design acoustic systems

6. Plan plumbing and electrical systems

7. Consider fire protection requirements



Difference Between Civil Engineering and Architecture

A person having a great imagination, visualization and good at drawing is often confused between choosing Civil Engineering or Architecture. Both the field seems to be similar but there are lots of differences. Civil Engineering mainly deals with structural and construction related works and calculations whereas architecture deals with dreaming, designing and planning. Both Civil Engineering and Architecture are best in their place. In some field, civil is at the top and in some architecture. We have analyzed 15 differences between civil engineering and architecture which are given below.



S.N.CategoryCivil EngineeringArchitecture
1.Global university average feeIntermediateHigh
2. Graduation period 4 years5 years
3.Deals withMathematical & Scientific aspectsArtistic aspects
4. Global Job Vacancy HighMedium
5.Availability of Diploma Course YesNo
6.Responsible forMaking Architects dream possible by dealing with the strength and construction of the structure.Dreaming and designing structures.
7.Average SalaryHighIntermediate
8. ScopeHighIntermediate
9.Branches There are many branches to earn and learn.Very fewer branches as compared to civil engineering.
10.Study difficulty High Intermediate
11.Average Number of Subjects to study 56 subjects exams in 4 years 52 subjects  exams in 5 years
12.Number of semesters 810
13.Best Countries to study US, Australia, Newzealand, Singapore, GermanySpain, England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia
14.Countries with the lowest fee structure India, China, Bangladesh India, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Iraq
15. Allowed forDesigning, planning, construction, structural analysis and more.Designing and planning are allowed.

Not allowed for structural analysis.




Studying the field with a greater scope is not the key to success. Your interesting field is the main key. So, we prefer you to choose your interested field.

From the above differences, Civil Engineering is powerful than Architectural because there are thousands of ways to learn and earn in civil.  If your passion is Architecture then don’t jump to civil.  There is high scope of Architecture in top countries like USA, UK, etc.

If you are confused to choose either of the above then just go with Civil Engineering because you will be able to perform the work of both Civil and Architecture. There are also many new sectors like Tunneling, Hydropower,  Mining, etc where civil engineers demand is very high. Civil Engineering programme provides broad knowledge to the student than the architecture program. This also makes civil engineering stream more powerful.

Although Civil Engineer can perform the work of Architecture; he/she can’t give the proper aesthetic beauty and finishing to the design as compared to Architect. For high aesthetic designs, the architect plays a key role. So both of them are best at their own place.

We, again and again, refer you to choose the stream of your interest.


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