Compaction Factor Test on Concrete

Compaction factor test can be defined as the test conducted on concrete to determine the workability of concrete in the laboratory where the maximum size of the aggregate does not … Read More

Slump Test of Concrete

Concrete is defined as the composite material that consists of a mixture of fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and a binding material that has hardened over time. The binding material used … Read More

Impact Value Test of Aggregate

Highway pavements are an essential component of transportation systems providing access and establishing linkages from one corner to another throughout the world. Due to its utmost importance, there has been … Read More

Profometer Test

Non-destructive tests on concrete can be understood as the type of test on concrete structures that are employed to measure the strength of the concrete without actually destroying the structure. … Read More

Consolidation Test on Soil

In simple terms, consolidation of soil can be defined as the mechanical process under which change in the volume of soil occurs in response to the variations in pressure. The … Read More

Tension Test on Steel Rod

Tension test on steel rod is the type of test that is used to assess the properties of mild steel, tore steel and high tensile steel under tension. The primary … Read More

Triaxial Shear Test

Triaxial Shear Test can be defined as the test that is conducted to assess the mechanical properties of soil. These mechanical properties include shear resistance, cohesion and dilatancy stress. The … Read More

Setting Time of Cement

Generally, the setting time of cement can be divided into initial setting time and the final setting time. In very simple terms, the initial setting time may be understood as … Read More

Vane Shear Test

Vane shear test on the soil is used to determine the shear strength ( particularly un-drained shear strength) of the soil. This test on soil can be carried out both … Read More

Stripping Value Test on Aggregates

Stripping value test on-road aggregate can be defined as the test performed to determine the effects of moisture content on the adhesion of the bituminous film to the surface particles … Read More

Core Cutter Method

The determination of dry density by the core cutter method generally involves the hammering or jacking of a  steel cylinder ( with known mass and volume)  into the soil thereby … Read More

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