20+ Best Useful Asphalt Testing Equipment List

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This list examines 20+ Best useful Asphalt Testing Equipment List for calculating required properties like density, viscosity, and resistance to deformation.

Asphalt is a material that carries a black and brown color and occurs identical to petroleum.

Asphalt incorporates hydrogen and carbon combinations with small quantities of nitrogen, sulfur, and oxygen. The material is derived from organic sources or a byproduct of petroleum distillation.



20+ Best Useful Asphalt Testing Equipment List

1. Core Drilling MachineAsphalt Testing Equipment ListOperated for piling cylindrical core selections from Asphalt for testing intents.
2. Asphalt PenetrometerAsphalt Testing Equipment ListEstimates the viscosity of Asphalt by infiltrating a syringe into the sampling.
3. Flash and Fire Point TesterAsphalt Testing Equipment ListSpecify Asphalt’s flash and fire attributes to set its flammability.
4. Viscometer (Saybolt or Kinematic)Asphalt Testing Equipment ListMeasures the viscosity of Asphalt.
5. Binder Ignition OvenAsphalt Testing Equipment ListSpecifies the asphalt binder range in paving blends.
6. Automatic Marshall CompactorAsphalt Testing Equipment ListCompacts asphalt models operating a confined power for Marshall Stability testing.
7. Gyratory CompactorAsphalt Testing Equipment ListUsed to simulate and reproduce the real compaction conditions under actual road paving operations
8. Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO) TesterAsphalt Testing Equipment ListMeasures the effect of heat and air on a moving film of hot mix asphalt binder.
9. Semi-Circular Bend (SCB) TesterAsphalt Testing Equipment ListEstimates the rupture resistance of asphalt blends.
10. Automatic Softening Point Test ApparatusAsphalt Testing Equipment ListSelect the softening pinpoint of bituminous textiles.
11. Dynamic Shear RheometerAsphalt Testing Equipment ListUsed to characterize the viscous and elastic behavior of asphalt binders at medium to high temperatures.
12. Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (APA)Asphalt Testing Equipment ListUsed for accurately evaluating rutting, fatigue cracking, and moisture susceptibility of hot and cold asphalt mixes.
13. Bending Beam Rheometer (BBR)Asphalt Testing Equipment ListEstimates the subordinate-temperature implementation of asphalt binders.
14. Wheel TrackerAsphalt Testing Equipment ListUsed to evaluate the resistance of asphaltic materials to rutting under simulated traffic conditions.
15. Digital Rotational ViscometerAsphalt Testing Equipment ListCalculates the density of asphalt binders at various temperatures and shear rates.
16. Film Stripping DeviceAsphalt Testing Equipment ListUsed to measure the resistance of bituminous material to stripping from the rock particles.
17. Marshall Stability and Flow TesterAsphalt Testing Equipment ListCalculates the resistance of compacted asphalt samples to deformation beneath limitation or load.
18. Vacuum PycnometerAsphalt Testing Equipment ListUsed to determine maximum specific gravity accurately.
19. Lottman OvenAsphalt Testing Equipment ListUsed to determine the tensile strength of Asphalt.
20. Ductility TesterAsphalt Testing Equipment ListUtilized to gauge the power of the asphalt binder to prolong without breaking.
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