Top Tiles Company in India 2023 Updated

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Tiles ( Building Tiles) are thin slabs of brick earth, burnt in a kiln.

These are very thinner than bricks and have a high tendency to crack and twist in drying and burning than normal bricks and are more responsible for breakage.

Therefore, great care is needed in their manufacture. They should be dried in the shade, burnt, and cooled gradually in specially-made kilns.

India ranks in the top 3 list of countries in terms of tile production in the world.




  1. Top Tiles Company in India  

The list of top tiles companies in India is as follows.

a. Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.

b. Somany Ceramics Ltd.

c. HSIL Ltd.

d. HR Johnson tiles.

e. Grindwell Norton Ltd.

f. Asian Granito India Ltd.

g. Cera Sanitaryware Limited.

h. Orient Bell.

i. Nitco Limited.

j. Simpolo Tiles


a. Details of Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.

Established Years1985
Corporate OfficeDelhi, India
RevenueRs 2,999 Cr.
Capacity68 MSM
Market Share6.30%
Market Cap9962.64 Cr.
Stock P/E35.09
Dividend Yield0.48%
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)7.00%
Promoter holding34.93%
Debt to equity0.08
Price to book value5.76



b. Details of Somany Ceramics Ltd.

Established Years1969
Corporate OfficeUttar Pradesh, India
RevenueRs 1,733 Cr.
Capacity52 MSM
Market Share4.80%
Market Cap1139.58 Cr.
Stock P/E16.05
Dividend Yield0.74%
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)-2.38%
Promoter holding51.47%
Debt to equity0.94
Price to book value1.44


c. Details of HSIL Ltd.

Established Years1960
Corporate OfficeHaryana, India
RevenueRs 1,879.37 Cr.
Capacity7.2 MSM
Market Share
Market Cap719.31 Cr.
Stock P/E18.83
Dividend Yield2.90%
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)11.41%
Promoter holding48.93%
Debt to equity0.78
Price to book value0.57

d. Details of Johnson Tiles.

Established Years1901
Corporate OfficeMumbai, India
RevenueRs 1822 Cr.
Market Share
Market Cap4009.24Cr.
Stock P/E
Dividend Yield
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)
Promoter holding
Debt to equity
Price to book value


e. Details of Grindwell Norton Ltd.

Established Years1941
Corporate OfficeMaharashtra, India
RevenueRs 1,628 Cr.
Capacity20  MSM
Market Share4.70%
Market Cap6,559.61 Cr.
Stock P/E36.21
Dividend Yield1.27%
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)11.57%
Promoter holding58.32%
Debt to equity0
Price to book value5


f. Details of Asian Granito India Ltd.  

Established Years1995
Corporate OfficeAhmedabad, India
RevenueRs 1,260 Cr.
Capacity35.76 MSM
Market Share3.30%
Market Cap940.34 Cr.
Stock P/E34.12
Dividend Yield0.23%
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)6.09%
Promoter holding34.11%
Debt to equity0.8
Price to book value1.57



g. Details of Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.

Established Years1980
Corporate OfficeAhmedabad, India
RevenueRs 1,330 Cr.
Capacity3.0 MSM
Market Share
Market Cap3947.67 Cr.
Stock P/E41.11
Dividend Yield0.43%
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)13.83%
Promoter holding54.75%
Debt to equity0.03
Price to book value4.93



h. Details of Orient Bell Ltd.

Established Years1977
Corporate OfficeDelhi, India
RevenueRs 492.26 Cr.
Capacity30 MSM
Market Share
Market Cap198.46 Cr.
Stock P/E0.00
Dividend Yield0.00%
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)
Promoter holding
Debt to equity
Price to book value0.86


I. Details of Nitco Ltd.

Established Years1953
Corporate OfficeMaharashtra, India
RevenueRs 607 Cr.
Capacity18 MSM
Market Share6%
Market Cap145.87 Cr.
Stock P/E0.00
Dividend Yield0.00%
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)-13.64%
Promoter holding53.00%
Debt to equity2.86
Price to book value-0.95


j. Details of Simpolo Tiles Ltd.

Established Years1977
Corporate OfficeMorbi, India
RevenueRs 735 Cr.
Capacity6.6 MSM
Market Share
Market Cap5.56 Cr.
Stock P/E
Dividend Yield
Sales Growth (3 Yrs)
Promoter holding
Debt to equity
Price to book value





  2. Top 20+ Tile Brands in India  

Top Tiles Company In India are listed below with their location as follows:

Sr.No.Tile Brands in IndiaLocation 
1Kajaria Ceramics LtdDelhi, India
2Somany Ceramics LtdUttar Pradesh, India
3Grindwell Norton LtdMaharashtra, India
4Asian Granito India LtdAhmedabad, India
5Cera Ceramic TilesAhmedabad, India
6HSIL LtdHaryana, India
7Nitco LimitedMaharashtra, India
8Johnson TilesMumbai, India
9Bajaj TilesAhmedabad, India
10Simpolo TilesMorbi, India
11Orient BellDelhi, India
12Swastik TilesMehsana, India
13VarmoraMorbi, India
14PokarnaTelangana, India
15DivyashaktiTelangana, India
16Murudeshwar CerHubli, India
17Elegant MarbleMaharashtra, India
18Aro GraniteTamil Nadu, India
19Pacific IndKarnataka, India
20Oriental TrimexNew Delhi, India
21Inani MarblesRajasthan, India
22Restile CeramicVadodra, India
23Madhav MarblesRajasthan, India
24Solid StoneMumbai, India
25Regency CeramicHyderabad, India





  3. Top 50 Tile Companies in India  

The top tiles Company In India are as follows:

Sr. No.Company in India
1Simpolo Vitrified Ltd
2Kajaria Ceramics Ltd
3Rak Ceramics India Pvt. Ltd.
4Somany Ceramics Limited
5H.& R. Johnson (India) Ltd.
6Asian Granito India Ltd.
7Metrocity Tiles Pvt. Ltd.
8Sunheart Vitrified Tiles
9Orient Bell Limited
10Qutone Granito Pvt. Ltd.
11Varmora Granito Pvt. Ltd.
12Kripton Granito Pvt. Ltd.
13Nitco Tiles Ltd
14Sakar Granito (India) Pvt. Ltd.
15Fusion Granito Pvt. Ltd.
16Kera Vitrified LLP
17Sparron Vitrified LLp
18Accord Vitrified Pvt.Ltd
19Lizzart Granito LLP
20Clay Stone Granito Pvt.Ltd
21Sisam Granito LLP
22Millennium Tiles LLP
23Itoli Granito LLP
24Cruso Granito Pvt. Ltd.
25Bonza Vitrified Pvt.Ltd
26Renite Vitrified LLP
27Lavish Granito Pvt. Ltd.
28Segam Tiles Pvt. Ltd.
29Letina Ceramic
30Sega Granito LTP
31Crevita Granito Pvt. Ltd.
32Maps Granito Pvt. Ltd.
33Simanto Vitrified LLP
34Scientifica Tiles LLP
35Livenza Granito LLP
36Nobel Wall Tiles
37Ramos Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.
38Vento Ceramic
39Olivia Ceramics Pvt.Ltd
40Sunshine Tiles Co Pvt. Ltd( Sunheart)
41Big Tiles
42Italake Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.
43Savino Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.
44Letina Ceramic
45Dunexo Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.
46Alient Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.
47Calypso Ceramic Pvt. Ltd.
48Arrone Ceramic
49Rey Cera Creation PVT. LTD.
50Shravya Ceramic LLP





  4. Top 10+ Tiles Brand in India 2019-2020 As per Revenue  

The top tiles Company In India as per revenue are as follows:

Sr.No.Tiles Brand in IndiaRevenue
1Kajaria Ceramics LtdRs 2,523.18 Cr
2HSIL LtdRs 1,852.29 Cr
3HR Johnson tilesRs 1822.00 Cr
4Somany Ceramics LtdRs 1,733.00 Cr
5Cera Sanitaryware LimitedRs 1,330.00 Cr
6Asian Granito India LtdRs 1,260.00 Cr
7Simpolo TilesRs 735.00 Cr
8Nitco LimitedRs 607.00 Cr
9VarmoraRs 500.00 Cr
10Orient BellRs 492.26 Cr
11Swastik TilesRs 242.92 Cr
12Grindwell Norton LtdRs 1,628.00 Cr
13Bajaj TilesRs 75.00 Cr






  5. Top 5 Tiles Companies in India Revenue Comparison  

The revenue comparison of top tiles Company In India are as follows:




  6. Top 10 Tiles Manufacturers in India As per Plant Capacity  


Tiles Company in IndiaRevenue 2022Revenue 2021Revenue 2020Revenue 2019Revenue 2018Revenue 2017
1Kajaria Ceramics LtdRs 3296.53 Cr.Rs 2780.00 Cr.Rs 2808.00 Cr.Rs 2956.00 Cr.Rs 2710.00 Cr.Rs 2549.00 Cr.
2HSIL LtdRs 1430.43 Cr.Rs 1852.00 Cr.Rs 1859.37 Cr.Rs 2709.54 Cr.Rs 2259.23 Cr.Rs 2076.17 Cr.
3Somany Ceramics LtdRs 2073.80 Cr.Rs 1650.00 Cr.Rs 1610.00 Cr.Rs 1715.01 Cr.Rs 1712.82 Cr.Rs 1730.03 Cr.
4Cera Sanitaryware LtdRs 1441.00 Cr.Rs 1224.00 Cr.Rs 1223.00 Cr.Rs 1351.00 Cr.Rs 1199.79 Cr.Rs 1008.10 Cr.
5Asian Granito India LtdRs 1292.00 Cr.Rs 1224.00 Cr.Rs 1186.62 Cr.Rs 1155.62 Cr.Rs 1068.50


Sr.No.Tiles Manufacturers in IndiaCapacity (Million Sq. M)
1Kajaria Ceramics Ltd68.00 MSM
2Somany Ceramics Ltd52.00 MSM
3Asian Granito India Ltd35.76 MSM
4Orient Bell30.00 MSM
5Grindwell Norton Ltd20.00 MSM
6Nitco Limited18.00 MSM
7HSIL Ltd7.20 MSM
8Simpolo Tiles6.60 MSM
9Varmora3.20 MSM
10Cera Sanitaryware Limited3.00 MSM





  7. Top Tiles Company Name As per Rating  


Sr.No.Tiles Brand Name ListRating As Per RevenuRating As Per CapcitiyRating As Market CapAverage Rating 
1Kajaria Ceramics Ltd1111.00 ⭐
2Somany Ceramics Ltd4253.67 ⭐
3HR Johnson tiles3834.67 ⭐
4HSIL Ltd2574.67 ⭐
5Grindwell Norton Ltd5825.00 ⭐
6Asian Granito India Ltd7365.33 ⭐
7Cera Sanitaryware Ltd6846.00 ⭐
8Orient Bell10747.00 ⭐
9Nitco Limited9497.33⭐
10Simpolo Tiles86108.00 ⭐





  8. Best Tile Brands in India As Per Market Cap  


Top Tiles Company In India


Best Tiles Brand in IndiaMarket Cap in Percentage
Kajaria Ceramics Ltd36.05
Grindwell Norton Ltd23.74
Johnson Tiles14.51
Cera Sanitaryware Limited14.29
Somany Ceramics Ltd4.13
Asian Granito India Ltd3.4
HSIL Ltd2.6
Orient Bell0.72
Nitco Limited0.53
Simpolo Tiles0.02
Sr.No.Best Tiles Brand in IndiaMarket CapMarket Cap in Percentage
1Kajaria Ceramics Ltd9962.64 Cr.36.05 %
2Grindwell Norton Ltd6,559.61 Cr.23.74 %
3HR Johnson tiles4009.24Cr.14.51 %
4Cera Sanitaryware Limited3947.67 Cr.14.29 %
5Somany Ceramics Ltd1139.58 Cr.4.13 %
6Asian Granito India Ltd940.34 Cr.3.4 %
7HSIL Ltd719.31 Cr.2.6 %
8Orient Bell198.46 Cr.0.72 %
9Nitco Limited145.87 Cr.0.53 %
10Simpolo Tiles5.56 Cr.0.02 %

  9. Best Tiles Company in India As Per Growth  



Sr.No.Best Tiles Company in India Sales Growth (3 Yrs)
1Cera Sanitaryware Limited13.83%
2Grindwell Norton Ltd11.57%
3HSIL Ltd11.41%
4Kajaria Ceramics Ltd7.00%
5Asian Granito India Ltd6.09%

  10. Top 10 Brand Tiles in India As Per Product  

The top tiles in India as per product are as follows:

Sr.No.Brand Tiles in IndiaProduct
1Kajaria Ceramics Ltd Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
2Somany Ceramics LtdVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
3HSIL LtdVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
4Johnson TilesVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
5Grindwell Norton LtdVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
6Asian Granito India LtdVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
7Cera Sanitaryware LtdVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
8Nitco LimitedVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
9Simpolo TilesVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles
10Orient BellVitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles





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