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Best 35 Plumbing Tools List: With Images and Uses

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✔ The following is a list of plumbing tools list that are essential for carrying out plumbing work. Plumbers use a wide array of tools, ranging from hammers to measuring tapes.

✔ Some plumbing tools crucial for a plumber to have nearby in case of any unforeseen circumstances are given below.



1. Plumbing Tools List  

Here is the plumbing tools list with images and uses: 

Names Images  Uses
1. Copper Tube Cutter Copper Tube Cutter Used to cut pipe.
2. Water Pump Pliers Water Pump Pliers Used to tighten and secure grip on nuts and bolts.
3. Air Testing U Gauge Kit Air Testing U Gauge Kit Used to test drains and sewers.
4. Solder Capillary Lead-Free Wire Solder Capillary Lead-Free Wire Used to produce perfect joints quickly and effectively.
5. PVC Pipe Cement PVC Pipe Cement Used for an airtight, leak-proof bond and PVC repairs.
6. Pipe Sealing Cord Pipe Sealing Cord Used for sealing pipe threads, lubricating threaded connections, and preventing seizing during disassembly.
7. PTFE Tape PTFE Tape Used for sealing pipe threads.
8. Super Fire 2 Torch Super Fire 2 Torch Used for soldering and brazing.
9. Plastic Pipe Cutter plastic pipes Used for cutting plastic pipes.
10. Flux Brush  Flux Brush Used for a variety of purposes such as applying acid, glue, paste, soldering, touch-ups, dusting, and other general-purpose tasks.
11. Silicone Lubricant Grease Silicone Lubricant Grease Used to lubricate and prevent corrosion on valve stems, faucets, ballcock linkages, etc.
12. Drain Test Plug Drain Test Plug Drainage plugs are designed to test the integrity of pipes and identify leaks or blockages under high pressure.
13. Hacksaw Hacksaw Used for cutting thin metal such as plastic, aluminum, brass, steel, or copper.
14. Pliers Pliers Used for gripping and holding firm objects.
15. Pipe wrench Pipe wrench Used for tightening and loosening the threaded pipe joints.
16. Snake Machine Snake Machine  Used to dislodge clogs in plumbing.
17. Borescope Borescope A commonly used device for examining pipes and sewer lines is a borescope camera.
18. Crimpers Crimpers Crimping tools compress crimp rings for leak-free fittings.
19. Gloves Gloves Used to protect hands against cold or heat, damage by friction, abrasion or chemicals, and disease.
20. Faucet Key Faucet Key This device has been created to open up stubborn and secure sillcocks and hose bibs.
21. Plungers Plungers Used to clear blockages in drains and pipes.
22. Hand Auger sed to carry out a range of shallow digging necessary in obtaining soil samples, making postholes, Used to carry out a range of shallow digging necessary in obtaining soil samples, making postholes, etc.
23. Goggles Goggles Used to shield the eyes against liquid or chemical splash, irritating mists.
24. Heat Shields/Pads Best 35 Plumbing Tools List: With Images and Uses Used to protect objects from overheating.
25. Stubby screwdriver used to facilitate access to screws located in areas that cannot be reached easily by a regular screwdriver. Used to facilitate access to screws located in areas that cannot be reached easily by a regular screwdriver.
26. Drain Auger Drain Auger Used for removing clogs and obstructions from a drain.
27. Adjustable 2 Jaw Basin Wrench Adjustable 2 Jaw Basin Wrench Used in tightening or loosening nuts in awkward positions, particularly those underneath basins or baths.
28. Adjustable Wrench: Extra Wide Jaws Adjustable Wrench Extra Wide Jaws This device serves the purpose of either tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.
29. Replacement Radiator Bracket Replacement Radiator Bracket Used to fix your existing radiators to the floor or wall securely.
30. Standard U-Gauge Manometer used to measure pressure that the difference in column heights is also a common unit. This tool is frequently utilized to test the gas pipework’s tightness.
31. Universal Drain Clearing Rod Set Universal Drain Clearing Rod Set This device is intended to efficiently remove obstructions from standard 100mm (4in) subterranean drainage pipes commonly present in residential properties.
32.  Contract Air Duster ( canned air ) Contract Air Duster  Used to provide a pressurized blast, knocking loose dust and dirt.
33. High-Pressure Propane Regulator High-Pressure Propane Regulator This equipment is often used for a variety of purposes including blown-air heaters, grain drying, blowtorches, furnaces, outdoor catering, and similar applications.
34. Abrasive Mini Strips Abrasive Mini Strips Used for roughing up, deburring, and removing paint and oxides from copper pipe and fittings before soldering.
35. Butane Propane Gas Cartridge Butane Propane Gas Cartridge Gas cartridges containing butane and propane are utilized for soldering, thawing, and bending metal and plastic.


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