Steam Curing Precast Concrete | Importance, Uses, Methods, Advantages & Disadvantages of Steam Curing

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Steam curing is utilized where early strength gain is required and where heat is needed for hydration, such as in cold weather.
In pre-stressing and precast plants, steam at atmospheric pressure adds high early strengths, enabling rapid remolding and reuse of forms.


  1. Importance  

Steam Curing is done to get high early strength in concrete. The high early strength is an important need for the manufacturing company of precast and prestressed concrete units. These units demand forms and stress beds which is expensive.

Steam Curing Precast Concrete



steam curing



  6. Advantages  

Here are the advantages noted below:

a. The best use for curing concrete at the time of cold weather conditions facilitates rapid hardening of concrete.

b. High early age strength can be attained.

c. Construction Speed is boosted.

d. It is very quick compared to other types of curing methods.



  7. Disadvantages  

Here are the disadvantages noted below:

a. The method does not work efficiently for large surfaces.

b. The process must be carried out only by skilled laborers.

c. The initial cost of the steam curing process is very high.



  8. Cost for Steam Curing System For Prestressed Concrete 

The cost of this system may vary from country to country, here is the average price for this system.

India₹ 4.50 Lakh. ₹ 2.50 Lakh
USA$6000 / Set


In other countries, the average cost of it is around $1700-$1800 / Set.



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