Sandbag Cofferdam: Problem, Advantages & Disadvantages of Sandbag Cofferdam

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In this article, we will discuss sandbag cofferdam.

The cofferdam is a short-term arrangement that supports the building activity behind the logical waterless situation. A sandbag is none but a bag wrapped with sand and brick. While these sandbags will apply to create a cofferdam, which will call a sandbag cofferdam. In this process, void bags will equal as required.

Then they will part cover with a combination of bricks and sand. It will notice that sandbag cofferdam can withstand the dissolute water present happily. The slope of the coffer dam is very sharp as sandbags also contain a parallel face.




  1. Criteria for Selection of Cofferdam Types  

Here are the criteria for the selection of coffer dams types are as follows:

a. Depth of water

b. Depth and size of excavation

c. Soil type

d. Velocity of flow in waterway

e. Tide levels

f. Risk of damage by floating debris or ice

g. Availability of construction materials

h. Ease of transportation of construction materials



  2. Common Problem Using Sandbags for Dewatering  

The problems that can be raised during the use of Sandbags are as follows: 

a. Making sandbags carries plenty of time.

b. The sandbagging needed more labor.

c. Sandbags will be challenging to incline.

d. Sandbags complete more dirt.

e. Sandbags are not good when it more long-lasting.

f. Sandbags will be the sloppy result of flooding.


Common Problem Using Sandbags for Dewatering



  3. Advantages of Sandbag Cofferdam  

Here, the advantages of sandbag cofferdam are as follows.

a. To aid dynamic pile function.

b. To find row and float base.

c. Establish the base of piers and support of the platform, bolt, etc.

d. To cover a place for the break of lake or ocean.

e. To deliver an operational foundation for the construction base while water will encounter it.

f. To suggest a place for conducting the base activity except harming.


Advantages of Sandbag Cofferdam



  4. Disadvantages of Sandbag Cofferdam  

The disadvantages of sandbag cofferdam are as follows: 

a. Very Heavy

b. Relatively expensive

c. Very time-consuming and tedious process of construction

d. When in flowing water, ‘log jams’ may appear making added stress to the structure

e. Chance of Accidents


Advantages of Sandbag Cofferdam



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