How To Remove Paint From Concrete | Method Of Removing Paint From Concrete Without Chemicals

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In this article, we will discuss the ways to remove paint from concrete.


  1. Introduction  

Paint can be defined as the pigmented liquid with a liquefiable nature that substrates into a thin layer and converts to a solid film upon application.


Remove Paint From Concrete


  2. Defects In Painting  

Here are defects that are seen in the painting due to which you may need to remove paint from the concrete or plastered surface.

i. Fading

ii. Peeling and Blistering

iii. Running

iv. Grinning

v. Sagging

vi. Chalking

vii. Flaking

viii. Blooming


  3. Remove Paint from Concrete  

The method of removing paints from the concrete walls may differ according to the types of paints. The stripper varies with the type of paint.

On the basis of the working process or the active elements, the stripper is divided into two types. They are,


i. Caustic 

Caustic paint stripper is based on the mechanism of hydrolysis breaking down the paints whereas solvents are based on the swelling of the paint in order to loosen the bonding and thus make it effortless to remove.

The chemical activator and inhibitor are also utilized with a paint stripper to construct the process effectively and quickly. Chemical-based strippers like soy-based gel cleaners, mineral spirits are the best but costlier ones.


ii. Solvent-based

The DIY paint stripper is utilized for the tough spots, along with the utilize of thinner to trim the layer of tough paint without dissolving and disintegrating paint.

Some super absorbent paint strippers are utilized along with the mixture of clay so that the paint stripper stays trapped inside clay for a long time and the mix can develop a series of chemical reactions with the paint layer slowly.

These are mainly used to paint strippers to remove paint from concrete surfaces. Don’t forget to use protective wear like rubber gloves, glasses, masks, etc before handling such strippers.


  4. Remove Spray Paint From Concrete  

Spray paints aren’t similar to other paints. They are a form of the integration of the very small droplets of the paints and thus cannot be taken as a monolithic layer.

To remove spray paints the normal way is applied along with the use of paint stripper as caustic-based paint stripper. They hydrolyzed and decompose the paints and that can be effortlessly scrubbed and removed.

The most common utilize of paint stripper for this aim is trisodium phosphate along with water. And also the concentrated solution of caustic soda can be utilized for this purpose.


  5. Method For Removing Paints Without Chemicals  

The method that is adapted to remove paint from concrete without the use of chemicals are as follows:

a. Sandblasting or soda blasting

In this method, the moving jet of sand or soda solution (sodium bicarbonate) is aimed at the surface of the concrete where paint has to be washed.

The sand or soda is moved at excessive pressure along with help of a compressor and nozzle. And they are aimed at the concrete surface for abrasion of the paint. The fine dust of sand or jet of steam then washes the paint.


b. Power washing

The jet of water is utilized at very high pressure to vanish the paints at the targeted area. The concrete can resist a huge amount of pressure so they are adopted to remove paints in concrete. Mode over they cannot cause any hamper to the tough concrete layer but are adequate to vanish the paint.


c. Thermal process or heat gun

The principle depends on the process of utilization of heat to wash the layer of paint. The heat of 500°C to 600°C is produced to melt the paint.

Such heat guns create a huge amount of toxic fume. But in the modern era, with the utilization of laser and infrared, the heat can be controlled to 200°C, and paint is effortlessly vanished without producing toxic fumes.

The steam is also utilized for a small piece of work. The heat gun is targeted out 5 inches far from the surface of the concrete where the paint is supposed to be removed.


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