Porch | Introduction, Uses, Types, Advantages & Disadvantages of Porches

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The main function of porches is to increase the aesthetic beauty of the structure and plays an important role in a building. The porch is the structure provided in a building to have a shelter cover.

The porch is constructed in the front section of the structure. A porch constructed in a house helps to increase functionality.

A porch also protects users from rainwater and wind. It adds a relaxed and enjoyable space for the user.

The porch is broader and the verandah is a type of porch. The porch is surrounded by the meshes on its sides whereas the veranda is an open-air space with a roof.


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  2. Purpose of Porch   

There are different objectives for which a porch is made in a building or a structure that is as follows:

a. The porch expands the aesthetical view of the structure.

b. It adds a space for you where you can relax and enjoy.

c. It prevents you from the rain and heavy wind.



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  3. Types of Porches  

There are several designs available that you can use while constructing a porch for your home.

a. Open Porch

b. Back Porch

c. Front Entry Porch

d. Farmer’s Porch

e. Deck

f. Patio

g. Arizona Room

h. Detached Porch

i. Rained Porch

j. Loggia

k. Portico

l. Lanai

m. Wrap-Around Porch

n. Verandah

o. Screened Porch


a. Open Porch

An Open porch is a commonly used type of porch that is open without any cover on it. There are no side walls delivered in the open type of porches.

The open porches are well ventilated and it will permit moving the fresh air and sunlight into them.

The open porch cost ranges from $15,000-$35,000 on average.

The open porch permits you to have an entire view of the sky. As the open porch is generally constructed at the front of your house.

The one disadvantage of this type of porch is that there will be no privacy and security in an open type of porch.


Open Porch


b. Back Porch

The Back porch is constructed at the backside of the house. The back porch looks similar to the front porch and also has a similar design to the front porch.

A back porch costs between $12,000 and $30,000 on average.

The Back porch gives you privacy and security where you can stay without any disturbance from the people. The back porch has a kitchen combined with it.

You can provide various types of flower pots and plants to make them more beautiful, relaxing and also to increase aesthetic beauty.


Back Porch


c. Front Entry Porch

The front entry porch is made at a location where there is an entrance to the building. This is an extremely straightforward type of porch that is made in the shape of an undersized concrete slab just bordering the front door of the building.

The cost to build a 200-square-foot covered porch ranged from $4,600 to $23,000 in 2022 or $11,500 on average.


Front Entry Porch


d. Farmer’s Porch

It is a type of porch that is constructed in the form of a farmhouse. It may construct elevated or up to the ground level and its width is kept equivalent to the front side of the house.

The Farmer’s porch cost ranges from $15,000 to $ 25,000.

The farmer’s porch is covered and supported by beams and has railings that are installed at its end. It is a long and big space where enough people can accommodate it.


Farmer's Porch


e. Deck

The deck is an open space outside of the building without containing the roof on it. Decks add excellent beauty to the environment. The decks can be built in numerous layers.

The deck is made from wood and covered by railings. The wood creates the deck warmer. The deck’s porch is generally more pricey and also needs routine maintenance.

The construction of the deck may need access at a few locations from the local regulating bodies.

The deck porch may cost up to $4,078 – $11,330 on average.




f. Patio

The patio is a yard of a house that does not cover by any walls. It is a fully open area where you can enjoy and relax in the fresh air.

Patios may be connected to a building or maybe be built far away from the building. The patios are adaptable and can be made with different materials in mixed shapes.

A patio gives space with its design and shape. The patio cannot be utilized during the rainy season.

The cost of the patio varies from $15,000-$35,000 on average.




g. Arizona

Arizona is essentially an attachment to the building and their entrance is given from the kitchen and living room.

Arizona will cost about $28 – $40 per square foot.




h. Detached Porch

A Detached is a type of porch that is built individually from the main building. A different way is constructed to connect the detached porch with the building for the walk of the occupants.

The design of the detached porch offers a lot of flexibility as it is a separate structure. The cost needed for the construction of the detached porch is more as it is an individually made porch.

The cost of a detached porch varies from $2,500 – $44,000 on average.



i. Rained Porch  

The Rained porch is a top-like attachment of the roof that stops out the rain and permits you to enjoy and relax during the season of rain. It covers rain and is made with the help of glass panels. The glass panels add a beautiful and excellent visual.


Rained Porch



j. Loggia

Loggia is comfortable and the luxurious parts are made to improve the exterior of your building. The loggia creates a corridor and is commonly adjusted parallel to at least one side of the building.

The average cost to build a Loggia porch is about $20000 on average.




k. Portico

Portico is a space that is constructed in front of the house which is covered with the roof and supported by the columns.

It helps to increase the beauty of the entrance of the house. The portico is a small space that cannot be used to gather. The cost of a Portico varies from around $2,500 to $4,000 for a 40-square-foot on average.




l. Lanai

Lanai porch is commonly constructed in locations where the climate is hot. It is mostly best for the region having hot climatic conditions. The design of the Lanai is mostly similar to the detached porch and it has a large living area that is surrounded by the roof.

The cost of Lanai is about $28 to $65 per square foot. The screens and panels are attached to stable the temperature inside the room.




m. Wrap Around the Porch

The type of porch that is wrapped around the building and covered by the roof. A full or partial part of the building is wrapped.

The total cost of the wrap-around porch is $9,350 – $39,900.


Wrap Around the Porch


n. Verandah

Verandah is an open-air porch that is constructed at the entrance of the building or side of the building. The verandah is enclosed with a railing.

It is a perfect space where several people can gather. Verandah may be constructed the same as a ground level or it may be constructed above ground level.

The cost needed to build is around $200 to $1000 per square meter depending on the materials chosen.




o. Screened Porch

A Screened porch is a simple type of porch that has a roof and that is closed with the use of screens to deliver a view towards the outside environment. This type of porch permits fresh air to pass into the room.

The cost of the screened porch is about  $2,000.


Screened Porch





 4. Advantages  

1. Improves aesthetic beauty.

2. Provides space to relax and enjoy.

3. Improved home security

4. Saves Money





  5. Disadvantages  

a. No protection from bad weather on different types of porches.

b. Routine maintenance is needed

c. Need permission from local governing bodies to build a porch.



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1. Content Filter & Authenticity Checking Team, Dream Civil International

(Our team checks every content & detail to maintain quality.)




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