Problems and Solutions of Slab leakage

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In this article, we will discuss the problems and solutions of slab leakage.
A concrete slab may be defined as a structural feature, made of uniform thickness, that can be employed as a floor or a roof. A slab-on-ground is kept on the subsoil and is reinforced with reinforcing bars or welded wire mesh.

  A. Problem and Solution of a Slab leakage  

The pipe below the slab may get damaged due to the load given to the slab and affect the pipeline route. So, here are the problems and solutions of slab leakage noted below:

1. Problems due to Leakage

The problems that might arise due to leakage from the slab are as follows:

a. Higher bills of water without personal use increased.

b. Running water sounds when there are no open taps.

c. A crack develops a foundation.

d. Floor coverings are discolored or damp.

e. Sites on floors are warm or damp.

f. The floors and walls smell bad.

g. Dampness

h. Inappropriate growth in lawns or base plants.

i. The structure around visible soil shift.


Problems and Solutions of Slab leakage



2. Solutions for Slab Leakage

Expansion or other joints provided by the designer in slab and beams should be appropriately filled with approved joint fillers.

Joint fillers are special material that allows movement of the joint. Here are 3 repairs you can try to resolve the problem of slab leakage are as follows:


a. Pipe Rerouting/Re-Piping

The path or route of the existing pipeline should be rearranged well as no such problem should arise again.


b. Break Through the Slab

The slab should be damaged fully to locate the pipeline where the leakage problem has arisen.


c. Tunneling Beneath the Slab

Tunneling beneath the plate provides a number of benefits to homeowners: you can stay in your home while you perform, the mess is kept outdoors, and usually the most affordable solution. It is necessary to accurately return the removed dirt.

After Fixing the new plumbing and testing, we fill the tunnel with the soil previously cleared. We keep the water on the soil and put it firmly in place utilizing metal tamps.



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