15+ Plastering Tools List: With Images and Uses

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This plastering tools list consists of tools like a trowel, float, floating rule, straight edge, etc.


✓ Plastering is the process of covering the rough surfaces of walls, columns, ceilings, and other building components with a thin coat of plaster to make the surface smooth and durable.

✓ The accuracy, smoothness & durability of the plastered surface somehow depend upon the tools we use.

Plastering tools are Responsible for better finishing”

✓ For plastering, all the tools should be well-equipped to provide extra beauty to the work.



15+ Plastering Tools List  


Names Images Uses
1. TrowelTrowel~ Used for digging small holes or removing weeds.

~ Used to handle and apply plaster.

2. Spackle KnifeSpackle Knife~ Used for scraping surfaces or spreading material such as plaster in various construction trades.
3. Spirit LevelSpirit level~ Used to indicate how parallel (level) or perpendicular (plumb) a surface is relative to the earth.
4. Straight edgeStraight edge~ Used for ruling, cement render screeding, tiling, and as a general construction straight edge.
5. FloatFloat~ Used for making plaster smooth and flat.
6. Plumb bobplumb bob~ Used to establish a vertical reference (called a plumb line).
7. Floating RuleFloating Rule~ Used to check the level of the plastered surface between the successive layers.
8. Paddle MixerPaddle Mixer~ Used for quick and convenient mixing of paint, plaster, and more.
9. HammerHammer~ Used to chip out chunks of plaster and to re-secure or remove problematic pieces of lath.
10. Plaster SpongePlaster Sponge~ Used to remove trowel marks and air pockets present in sprayed plaster.


11. HawkHawk ~ Used to carry mortar or plaster from the mixing table to the surface being worked on.
12. Tube LevelTube Level~ Used to transfer a vertical level across a distance.
13. Water BrushWater Brush~ Used during the final smoothing stage of your plaster job.
14. ThreadThread~ Used for checking the level of plaster of different structures.
15. BucketBucket~ Used to transport/carry mortar.
16. BroomBroom~ Used during the final smoothing stage of your plasterwork.
17. ShovelShovel~ Used to mix the cement, sand, and water.


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