Parts of a Toilet: With Parts of Toilet Seat and Tank

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Toilets are fundamental machines that employ a simple lever system and gravity to flush waste and water away. Toilets contain many different parts of a toilet.

Typically, the primary two types of toilets are found in the market, namely one–piece toilets and two–piece toilets.

These one-piece toilets are assembled from a single or one mold representing the tank part of the toilet and bowl elements combined.

The one-piece toilet is expensive and weightier.

Toilets are available in various types, sizes, shapes, and styles. There are various parts of a Toilet available such as a Handle, Supply Line, Chain, Float, Flush Valve, Overflow, Tube, bathroom, floor Toilet Fill Valve, etc.


Parts of a Toilet





  1. Parts of a Toilet  

The parts of a toilet are as follows:

a. Handle

b. Supply Line

c. Chain

d. Float

e. Flush Valve

f. Overflow Tube

g. Toilet Fill Valve

h. Toilet flapper

i. Toilet Lever

j. Toilet Tank Cover


a. Handle

The handle is positioned outside the tank and normally, it is employed for flushing the toilet.

Also, the modern arrangement of the toilet provides the dual flush mode on the top of the toilet tank and it is substituted by two automatic buttons.


b. Supply Lines

Normally, the supply line provides the water supply for flushing the toilet and it is encountered at the base of the toilet.

The supply line is made of a shut-off valve so that you can twist the water off when you can catch a problem. It is one of the essential parts of a toilet.


c. Chain

The chain is also called a toilet lift chain. It is employed to attach the toilet lever to the flapper and this chain is assembled of metal link.


d. Floats

Float is one kind of buoyant device. Floats are employed to control the portion of water and are also called the ball cock or float valve.


e. Flush Valve

Flush valve parts of a toilet tank sit in the central portion of the tank and are attached to an overflow tube.

The major purpose of equipping a flush valve is readily flush waste from the toilet bowl.


f. Overflow Tubes

The overflow tube allows to maintain surplus water from overflowing into the tank and spilling out the floor also it is associated with a flush valve.


g. Toilet Fill Valves

This toilet fills valve’s major purpose is to supply the water tank after each flush.


h. Toilet Flapper

The toilet flapper is placed at the base of a tank and this flapper triggers and lifts a flush of water for the toilet bowl.


i. Toilet Lever

The toilet Lever is attached to the handle and this toilet lever is raise the flapper, which initiates the flush and is also known as the lift rod.


j. Toilet Tank Cover

The toilet tank cover has a weighty lid and it is cover the toilet tank, also it is prepared of porcelain clay and its cover is easily breakable.

Whenever you repair the toilet that time cover is removed carefully and placed somewhere safely for avoiding a cracking and breaking problem.





  2. Parts of a Toilet Seat  

The parts of the toilet seats are as follows:

a. Lid

Covers the toilet seat and keeps things from falling into the toilet.


b. Seat

Attached to the bowl is where the person on the toilet sits.


c. Hinges

Attaches to the toilet and permits the seat and cover to move up and down.


d. Bolts

Bear the hinges to the toilet.


e. Bolt Covers

Plastic pieces that shield the bolts from conveying wet.



Parts of a Toilet Seat




  3. Parts Inside Toilet Tank  

The inner parts of the toilet tank include the most moving parts. Considerable water pressure and filling problems arise from damaged parts in a toilet tank.


a. Flush Valve

The rubber stopper that plugs the tank from flushing.


b. Trip Lever

Plastic or metal bar that attaches to the toilet handle and chain.


c. Lift Chain

Connects to the trip lever and lifts the flapper when the toilet handle lifts.


d. Fill Valve

Aso known as the ballcock valve is responsible for refilling the tank after the toilet is flushed and attaches to the water supply.


e. Float Ball and Rod

A floating ball attaches to the fill valve and causes the valve to close once the water reaches maximum level.


f. Refill Tube

Manage how much water flows into the bowl and prevents the tank from overflowing by directing extra water into the bowl.


g. Overflow Tube

Evacuates water if the fill valve or float ball and rod fail.


Parts Inside Toilet Tank




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