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  2. MCQs of Engineering Geology  

1. Asbestos has got a ……… structure?

a. Foliated

b. Fibrous

c. Granular

d. Bladed


2. Dolomite is a Limestone containing carbonate of magnesia upto ?

a. 15%

b. 20%

c. 25%

d. 45%


3. Syenite & Andesite (silica 70-80%) are the examples of: ?

a. Acidic igneous rocks

b. Intermediate igneous rocks

c. Basic igneous rocks

d. Ultra-basic igneous rocks


4. The color of statuary marble used for the Sculptor’s work is ?

a. Red

b. Blue

c. White

d. Green


5. All volcanic rocks are amply suitable for use as crushed stone because they are: ?

a. Hard & tough

b. Having high cementing property

c. Resistant to Abrasion

d. All the above


6. Rocks resulting from the accumulation of plant & animal remains are known as: ?

a. Chemical deposits

b. Fragmental rocks

c. Organogenous rocks

d. none of the above


7. Quartzite is a: ?

a. Metamorphic rock

b. Argillaceous rock

c. Calcareous rock

d. Silicious rock


8. The rock used for the construction of the “Gateway of India” (in Mumbai) is: ?

a. Light-coloured variety of trap rocks

b. Granite of South India

c. Charnockite of South India

d. None of the above


9. Troposphere is the lowermost atmospheric zone whose upper boundary lies at about: ?

a. 115 km above the earth’s surface

b. 9 km and 18 km above the surface at the poles and equator respectively

c. 700 km above the earth’s surface

d. None of the above


10. Specific gravity of Quartz (SiO?) lies between:?

a. 2.30-2.60

b. 2.60-2.64

c. 3.60-4.00

d. None of the above








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