Katha to Sq Ft in Haryana: Area Unit Conversion

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  Katha To Sq ft in Haryana  

A Katha is also called a Kattha or Cottah. Katha is a unit of area of land measurement mostly used in North India, Bangladesh and Nepal. North Indian states like Bihar, up, west Bengal & Assam is largely employed for land measuring in rural areas by farmers for land purchase and sale and also somehow in real estate.

A. What is Katha?

A Katha is the unit of area that is employed to represent the measurement of land area. This unit is commonly used in Eastern swathes of India namely Bihar, West Bengal and Assam and is increased across Bangladesh and Nepal too.

The Katha unit of land area measurement signifies various sizes of the area in the states of India. The size of a Kattha in the state of Bihar will be distinguishable from that in the state of Assam. This unit is also known as Cottah and Kattha and is written as Katha, 1 Kattha or 1 Cottah.

B. What is Square Feet?

A square foot is the area of a square with each of its sides measuring 1 foot. Square Foot is a US customary unit of area that is mainly employed in the United States and Canada. Apart from that, it is also employed in the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Ghana and Myanmar.

1 Katha in Square Feet

1 Katha in square feet varies across the eastern states of India and other nations- Nepal and Bangladesh.

Let us carry a look at the conversion of 1 Katha in sq feet in various states and countries.


C. 1 Kattha in Indian states

States and CitiesMeasurement (Kattha to sq. ft.)
Bihar750 – 2,000 square feet with 32 by 30 ft. in length and width
West Bengal720 square feet
Assam2,880 square feet
Patna (Bihar)1,361 square feet
Palamu (Jharkhand)1,742 square feet


D. One Katha in Nepal

 One Katha is defined as 3,645 square feet in Nepal.

E. One Katha in Bangladesh

 In Bangladesh, one Katha is used to define 720 square feet.

Hope you got an idea of Katha to Sq Ft conversion.


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