How to Check the Quality of Construction?

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In this article, we will discuss how to check the quality of construction.



  A. How to Check the Quality of Construction?  

There are certain criteria to check the quality of construction. Inspecting the quality of construction is not easy work. There are a few steps that need to be carried out to check the quality of construction.


1. Soil Investigation

The quality and type of soil on which the construction is going to be made are very essential. The quality of soil varies from place to place.

For example, clay-rich soil and black cotton soil are not appropriate for construction due to their tendency to expand, swell, and shrink for moisture or water. So, soil tests must be accomplished before beginning the construction.


Soil Investigation


2. Structural Design And Drawing

The structural composition of the building is the most critical parameter. The building should be developed in a way that it can resist all loads and earthquakes of a particular magnitude.


Structural Design And Drawing


3. Quality Of Materials

The quality of construction also relies on the quality of materials utilized in the building such as cement, sand, aggregates, bricks, steel, etc. First-grade bricks and cement should be utilized to get good output. Sand employed should not include clay. This can be prevented by placing some portion of sand in water, the color should not be dark.


Quality Of Materials


4. Concrete Mix

The strength of concrete determines the load-carrying capacity of a building. Concrete batching should be observed and extra water should not be employed. Concrete with a high water-cement ratio decreases the strength. If it gets tough to design the mix at the site and inspect it every time, ready-mix concrete can be employed as an alternative.

A few more important checklists are listed below:

i) Levels must be reviewed at all points.

ii) Formwork quality should be suitable and fastened with braces to adequate Lateral pressure from concrete.

iii) The thickness of the slab should be observed with suitable depth markers both at the ends and interior points. Quantity can efficiently be fooled here.

iv) Any long cantilever should be offered a negligibly upward position at the formwork tip, to bypass visible deflection.

vi) Partition wall should not touch the beam bottom, a smallish gap to be given and Lean mortar should be employed to seal the gap. This will bypass cracks in walls and will not change planned load paths.

vii) Fixtures and finishings should be of acceptable quality. Flooring, doors, windows, bathroom & sanitary fittings, wires & electrical fittings, etc should be approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

After completing the construction when the building is prepared, the quality of plaster, paints, tiles, and marbles should be observable to the naked eye.


Concrete Mix

Hope you like our article on how to check the quality of construction.



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