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IS 10262 Code

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IS 10262-2019, a complete standard and high-performance concrete mix design code.

Procedures for proportioning raw materials for concrete to gain the expected strength are delivered in this IS Code. This code also defines how ordinary, standard, high-strength concrete should be blended. IS 10262 (2019) is the second Concrete Mix Proportioning – Guidelines revision.





  2. Purposes of IS 10262 Code  

This standard specifies how to proportion concrete mixes according to specifications, using concrete-making materials and other supplementary materials identified for this purpose.

The foremost edition of this standard was issued in 1982, and it was modified in 2009. In the first revision, the title of the standard was modified from “Recommended Guidelines for Concrete Mix Design” to “Concrete Mix Proportioning – Guidelines.”

The first revision limited the standard’s applicability to ordinary and standard concrete grades. Review and change the conditions for choosing the water-cement ratio, water content, and evaluating coarse and fine aggregate content; add concrete mix design outstanding example; and so on.

The following significant changes have been made in this second revision:

a. The standard has been divided into 5 divisions, as follows:

1. Section 1: General

2. Section 2: Standard and Ordinary grades of concrete

3. Section 3: High strength grades of concrete

4. Section 4: Self-compacting concrete

5. Section 5: Mass concrete

b. A proportioning procedure for high-strength concrete has been developed for M 65 or higher (up to a target strength of M100).

c. The initial data needed for mix proportioning has been developed to contain the provisions of modified IS 383: 2016 ‘Coarse and fine aggregates for concrete (third revision)’ and the employ of admixtures and other ingredients.

d. The target mean strength for mix proportioning has been enhanced by establishing a new element on the concrete grade. This was accomplished by splitting the characteristic and target mean compressive strength as small as possible.

e. The standard deviation measures have been entirely explained.

f. As an option to take the initial water-cement ratio, a graph of the water-cement ratio versus 28-day concrete strength has been presented for different grades and types of cement.

g. Air content has been reintroduced into the design of ordinary (non-air entrained) concrete mix proportions.


Purposes of IS 10262 Code





  3. IS 10262 Latest Version  

IS 10262-2019 [PDF] Guidelines to Concrete mix design is the updated version of (Indian Standard) IS 10262.


This was for the IS 10262 Code.




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