How To Repair Paint Fading?

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In this article, we will discuss how to repair paint fading.

Paint can be defined as a pigmented liquid with a liquefiable nature that substrates into a thin layer and converts to a solid film upon application.

The primary objective of paint is to protect, impart color and provide texture to the surface where it is applied.

Paint fading is a common type of defect in painting work that causes the discoloration of the applied paint.

The main causes of such defects are various atmospheric factors such as rain, sunlight, moisture infiltration, etc.

Precisely, fading may be defined as the loss of one or more color pigments from the film of paint.

Over time, the film of paint starts to lose the color pigments under harsh atmospheric conditions and continuous sun exposure.




 1. How To Repair Paint Fading?  

Once fading of the paint coat begins, it cannot be repaired completely but for preventing further de-coloration, weathering-resistant pigments may be used.

Some of the precautions that can be taken to prevent fading are:

✔ Use of certified UV-resistant paints from authorized manufacturers.

✔ Selection of lighter colored paints.

✔ Regular maintenance and supervision.

This was the process/steps to repair the defect of flaking from the surface.



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