How Many Pillars are Required in a Building? :Column Size

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Before knowing how many pillars are required in a building, let’s know about pillars. Pillars are also known as Columns.

Columns are defined as long slender member load axially in compression and having lateral dimensions very small as compared to their lengths.

A vertical compression member is called a column. If load passes through the longitudinal axis coinciding with the CG of the column, it is called the axially loaded column, otherwise eccentrically loaded column.

Columns are the building structures connected to different footings to transfer the load of the building to the footings of the buildings.

A reinforced concrete column is a compressive structural component of concrete that is constructed to bear compressive loads, made of concreting material (mixture of Portland cement, sand, aggregate, or stone with water) with connection steel of various diameters such as 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and so frame to provide reinforcement.

Let us take the area of 1000 ft2.

The number of pillars as per Vastu needed for a 1000 sq ft house design should contain an even number of pillars in the building for prosperity and peace. If there are an odd number of pillars in the building, you should try to add one more and have a number be even, but you can’t decrease it. This is as per the Vastu for pillars in the building.


  1. Column Size  

The size of the column should be a minimum of 9” x 9” inches (230mm × 230mm) with respect to their width and depth for one story/ first floor/ ground floor construction with 4 bars of 12mm Fe500 Steel with m20 grade of concrete and stirrups of T8@6″C/C.

To reduce column size on the construction site you need to follow three guidelines that are as follows:

1) You should provide a higher grade of concrete with higher compressive strength.

2) You should provide higher grade Steel

3) You should provide composite column cross-sections (enclosed or infilled), that have a good architectural appearance and fit into available space.


How Many Pillars are Required


  2. How Many Pillars are Required in a Building?  

When we design the column we should note the following matters:

1) The probable distance or length and depth all rely on the load to which the beam is loaded.

2) Column size relies on the quantity of load on the column operating on it by beam and RCC slab.

3) Many axial and lateral loads operating on the pillars.

4) Large length significantly affects the bending moment not only on the beam but also concerns the column due to stress operating on it.

5) Thumb Rule for column design is suitable for very small tasks like G+1, G+2 & G+3 buildings.

6) Pillar design for building construction relies on multiple aspects like topography, weather, and size of the building.

here are approximately 12 to 15 nos of pillars are required for 1000 sq ft house construction or for your one story (G+0), two-story (G+1), three-story (G+2) building.


How Many Pillars are Required


How Many Pillars are Required in 1000 ft2 Building?

1000 sqft of a building may be of size 40’x 25’, you have many options:-

Add RCC column at 10 feet span center to center so parallel to 40 feet side you will have 5 pillars and for two sides, it is 5×2=10 no’s of pillars, for 25 feet another side, you will have 5 extra on each side and middle span at 12.5 feet, totaling 5 nos, therefore you will have totally 10+5= 15 no’s of pillars or column. But, according to Vastu you need an even number of columns so add one more column so, the required number of columns becomes 16.

Thus you will need approx 16 nos pillars to build a 1000 sq ft house.



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