Heaving Concrete Cracks : 3 Causes & Prevention

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Due to the alternate freezing and thawing cycle, heaving concrete cracks are formed.

✔ Normally, the ground rises when it freezes and settles back down during the thawing action.

In condition, if the concrete associated with the soil does not rise and subsequently settles down with the soil then also cracks may develop in it.

Moreover, the deep spreading roots of trees may also cause a similar rise of the ground thereby forming heave cracks.


cracks in concrete | heaving concrete cracks



  1. Causes of Heaving Concrete Cracks  

Some of the causes of heaving concrete cracks can be listed as follows:

1. Alternate freezing and thawing cycle.

2. Roots of the trees.

3. Abnormal soil condition causing uplift.



  2. Prevention of Heaving Concrete Cracks  

Some of the preventive measures to prevent such cracks are as follows:

1. Adequate planning to minimize such causes.

2. Placing concrete in a suitable location as far as possible.



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