Heartwood Vs Sapwood : Based On Features, Weight, & More

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Timber is defined as the structural wood that is used in construction or other engineering fields.

Even today, there is particular work where timber is considered the ideal member.

Heartwood Vs Sapwood is discussed below:





  1. Heart Wood  

The portion surrounding the pith is called heartwood. It is compact, strong, durable, and darker in color.

The percentage of moisture is very less in the central part. The heartwood increases with the size of the tree  & age of the tree too.

Heartwood provides the best timber for engineering work and instruction.





  2. Sap Wood  

The trunk part between the heartwood and cambium is called Sapwood.

It is light in weight, softer and weaker part.

It consists of high percentages of moisture.

Due to this, the wood is prone to deflect, so it is not used for commercial purposes.


Sap Wood





  3. Heartwood Vs Sapwood  

The difference between heartwood and sapwood are as follows:

1. ColorDarker ColoredLighter Colored
2. WeightIt weighs more than Sapwood, because of its high density.It is not heavier and weighty than heartwood.
3. DurabilityIt is more durable than Sapwood.It is not durable as heartwood.
4. Contains MoistureLess chance of moisture in it.It possesses more moisture.
5. HardnessThe hardness of heartwood is great.Less hardness than that of Heartwood.
6. Availability & Market DemandIt is majorly used in industry. so it has a high demand in the market.It doesn’t have high demand as heartwood in the market.








1.Heartwood takes place in the central part of an old stem.Sapwood takes place in the peripheral (outer) part of an old stem.
2.Cells are comparatively older.Cells are comparatively younger.
3. Heartwood is dark colored.Sapwood is light-colored.
4.Also called Duramen.Also called Alburnii.
5.It is the dead and non-functional part of the secondary xylem.It is the living and functional part of the secondary xylem.
6.The lumens of vessels and tracheids are plugged due to tyloses of formation.The vessel and tracheids aren’t plugged so there is no tylose formation.
7.Cells collect and hold many ergastic substances such as resins and tannins.Cells do not collect and hold any ergastic substances.
8.Heartwood is heavier in weight.Sapwood is lighter in weight compared to heartwood.
9.Heartwood is a durable wood.Sapwood is not a durable wood.
10.Heartwood is best for preparing the furniture.Sapwood is not best for preparing the furniture.
11.Heartwood can withstand insect and fungal attacks.Sapwood is vulnerable to insect and fungal attacks.



This was for the Heartwood Vs Sapwood.




  4. References  

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