42 Garden Tools Lists: Tools for Construction and Maintenance of Garden

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In this article, we will discuss the garden tools list.

To maintain the beauty of the garden you need many different types of tools as well as to construct a garden you will need a list of tools. Here is the garden tools list you will need for the maintenance and construction of the garden.


  1. Garden Tools List  


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NamesImages Uses
1. Square SpadeSpadeUsed for digging straight-edged holes or trenches, slicing and lifting sod, and edging flower beds or lawns.
2. ShovelShovelUsed to dig as well as to move loose.
3. HoeHoeUsed in gardening and horticulture to loosen soil and chop weeds.
4. TractorTractorUsed to carry goods, digging the ground.
5. RakeRakeUsed before excavating the top clear the leaves, and dust on the surface.
6. Pick AxeAxeUsed for breaking up hard ground or rock.
7. MattockMattockUsed for digging, prying, and chopping.
8. Digging BarsDIGGING BARUsed for breaking up clay, concrete, frozen ground, and other hard materials, moving or breaking up tree roots and obstacles, and making holes in the ground for fence posts.
9. HacksawHacksawUsed for cutting thin metal such as aluminum, brass, steel, or copper.
10. GlovesGlovesUsed to protect and comfort hands against cold or heat, damage by friction, abrasion or chemicals, and diseases.




11. Hand Augersed to carry out a range of shallow digging necessary in obtaining soil samples, making postholes,Used to carry out a range of shallow digging necessary in obtaining soil samples, making postholes, etc.
12. GogglesGogglesUsed to shield the eyes against liquid or chemical splash, irritating mists.
13. PipePipeUsed to supply water to the field.
14. SprinklerSprinklerUsed to irrigate, or provide water, to plants.
15. TrowelTrowelUsed for digging small holes or removing weeds.
16. Pointed ShovelUsed in transplanting, trenching, moving compost or mulch, etc.
17. Garden ForkGarden ForkUsed for loosening, lifting, and turning over soil in gardening and farming, etc.
18. Potato ForkPotato ForkUsed for gentle diagonal probing and lifting of root crops and tubers from relatively loose soil.
19. BroadforkBroadforkUsed for turning, tilling, lifting, and aerating soil.
20. Post Hole PincerPost Hole PincerUsed for digging post and in-ground support holes.



21. Wheel Edgerfor edging paths and walkwaysUsed for edging paths and walkways.
22. Step-On EdgerStep-On EdgerUsed to make neat, tidy edges around plant beds or between the lawn and a driveway, walkway, patio, or street.
23. Edging ShearsEdging ShearsUsed for trimming grass around the edges of lawns and borders.
24. Electric EdgerElectric EdgerUsed to make neat, tidy edges around plant beds or between the lawn and a driveway, walkway, patio, or street.
25. Lawn MowerLawn MowerUsed to mow grass or plants.
26. Leaf BlowerLeaf BlowerUsed for cleaning the leaves.
27. String TrimmerString TrimmerUsed to trim the grass in tight spots that a lawnmower can’t reach.
28. MulcherMulcher Used to grind organic material, reducing the volume of natural waste and transforming it into mulch.
29. SpreaderSpreaderUsed to collect dust particles and leaves.
30. AeratorAeratorUsed to make small holes or plugs in your lawn.


31. HoseHoseUsed to carry fluids through the air or fluid environments.
32. Bulb PlanterBulb PlanterUsed for getting the depth correct.
33. Hand WeederHand WeederUsed to remove the weeds from the ground.
34. Hand SeederHand SeederUsed to sow seeds for crops.
35. Seeder Row PlanterSeeder Row Planter Used to save a tremendous amount of time and keep the rows spaced evenly in a garden or a farm field.
36. TillerTillerUsed to break up hard, compact soil into loose, broken-up dirt that can then be used for planting.
37. Soil ScoopUsed for cooping potting soil, making seed furrows, weeding and digging
38. Hand PrunerPruning SawUsed to smoothly cut thin pieces of wood, as well as anything softer such as the non-woody stems of perennials
39. Hedge ShearsGarden ToolsUsed for cutting any small branches.
40. Pruning SawPruning SawUsed to trim shrubs and trees.
41. LopperLopper Used for pruning twigs and small branches
42. Tree PrunerUsed for cutting plants and small branches, such as roses and grapevines.

This was our 40+ garden tools list.


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